Laowa 65mm T2.9 2X Macro APO Cine and Laowa 100mm T2.9 2X Ultra Macro APO Cine Announced

Laowa 65mm T2.9 2X Macro APO Cine: Venus Optics
Laowa 100mm T2.9 2X Ultra Macro APO Cine: Venus Optics

Venus Optics, the camera lens manufacturer that has been endeavouring to invent unique lenses, is now releasing 2 new cine macro lenses:

1) Laowa 65mm T2.9 2X Macro APO Cine (Super 35) – Fujifilm X / Sony E/ / Nikon Z / Canon EF-M
2) Laowa 100mm T2.9 2X Ultra Macro APO Cine (Full Frame) – PL / Sony E / Canon EF / Canon RF / L mount

The 2 lenses offer up to an exceptional 2X magnification which can barely be found on the market. Providing cinematographers higher flexibility in shooting subjects of different sizes. With an APO design, the lenses render quality images without chromatic aberration. Greatly reduce the effort for post-editing, especially for macro shots. Both the 65mm and the 100mm have a T2.9 large aperture for not just creating a shallower depth of field, but also good for low light situations. Make ready for professional use, the focusing ring and the step- less aperture ring are all equipped with industrial standard 0.8 mod gear. A 77mm filter thread is on both lenses so the cinematographers can choose between screw-in filters or using matte boxes. The weight of the two lenses is respectively 550g and 957g for 65mm and 100mm. With the competitive price of USD599 for 65mm and USD999 for 100mm, these lenses would be perfect for all sorts of commercials or cine productions.

Up to 2X magnification

The 2:1 magnification is rarely found in the market. It allows cinematographers to capture rich macro details of the subject. From capturing wildlife, product closeup or anything that needs an immersive perspective, both lenses would offer stunning image quality. Being able to focus to infinity, the 65mm and 100mm can also use for portrait shots. Minimum focusing distance of 17cm (6.69″) and 24.7cm (9.7″) respectively for 65mm and 100mm when shooting 2X macro. Read More »

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New Pergear 14mm f/2.8 and 35mm f/1.4 Coming Soon

Pergear 14mm f/2.8 full-frame manual focus lens:

  • Lens focal length 14mm
  • Aperture F2.8
  • Aperture fixed
  • Focus Manual
  • Farthest focus ∞
  • Closest focus 43cm
  • Shooting angle 114 o
  • Optical structure 13 elements in 9 groups, two of which are aspherical
  • Lens coating MC multilayer
  • Anti-shake function without anti-shake
  • Lens Type Pure Manual
  • Frame: full frame
  • color: black
  • Comes with hood
  • Filter 67
  • Lens material all metal
  • Applicable to all mirrorless cameras
  • Size 89*117mm
  • Weight about 500g

Pergear 35mm f/1.4 full-frame mirrorless manual focus lens for E/Z/EOS-R/L cameras:

  • Focal length: 35mm
  • Maximum aperture: f/1.4
  • Minimum aperture: f/16
  • Lens mount: E/Z/EOS-R/L
  • Lens format coverage: Full-frame
  • Angle of view: 63.2°
  • Minimum focus distance: 30 cm
  • Aperture ring: clicked aperture
  • Optical design: 7 elements in 5 groups
  • Diaphragm blades: 10
  • Focus type: manual focus
  • Image stabilization: no
  • Filter size: 43mm (front)
  • Dimensions (ø x L): 59.6 x 49 mm
  • Weight: 245g

via Photorumors

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Sony IBC 2022 Interview

Lensvids published an interview with Mr. Yann Salmon-Legagneur of Sony at IBC2022. The interview doesn’t really fit bullet points well because it is about Sony’s new video products in general, but it is worth a watch if you wonder where Sony is going in the future.

Sony FX30: B&H Photo / Amazon
Sony FR7 Cinema Line PTZ Camera: B&H Photo

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Sony Creative Space 2022

Sony announced Sony Creative Space 2022 which should come right after the announcement of the Sony a7RV. You can sign up for the event which should let you get hands-on with the new a7RV here and the details for the event can be found below:

Find Your Creative Space
Join our extraordinary community of visual creators live and in-person at Skylight Modern in NYC to learn, make art, and connect with like-minded people. Some of the greatest names in photography, video, and film will share their knowledge and creativity directly with you. Make yourself known to a new audience and talk one-on-one with leading experts in imaging technology. The event is free and only requires registration.

When: October 27th – 28th
Where: New York, NY
Price: Free

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OL: Sony 16-35mm f/4.0 PZ FE Review

Sony 16-35mm f/4.0 PZ FE: B&H Photo / Amazon / Adorama

Optical limits posted its full Sony 16-35mm f/4.0 PZ FE, which you can read here or check out excerpts from below:

In terms of optical performance, it is more consistent than most ultra-wide zoom lenses that we have tested so far. Usually, these lenses tend to be decent at their widest setting, but the performance falls apart at the “long” end of the zoom range…the Sony lens produces an extremely sharp center and a good to very good outer image field throughout the zoom range and all relevant aperture settings. RAW image distortions are high, even excessive at 16mm, so it’s clear that image auto-correction is required for this lens. With activated auto-correction image distortions are basically absent. It’s a similar case with respect to vignetting. The RAW vignetting is very high at 16mm. With auto-correction on, the light falloff is reduced by about 1EV (f-stop) at 16mm although you can still notice some vignetting at 16mm f/4 at least. The issue is well controlled at other settings in this case. Lateral CAs are low even in RAW images. Sun stars are pretty good with a sweet spot around f/11…out-of-focus blur is quite decent at very close focus distances… Flare can be an issue in critical scenes… The Sony lens is amazingly compact and lightweight – yet this doesn’t compromise the build quality. While the lens body is made of plastics, it feels quite sturdy. The internal zoom mechanism as well as the dust- and moisture-resistant design also contributes to the high-quality perception. Sony has implemented a power zoom mechanism that can be controlled via the zoom ring and a zoom rocker… There’s also minimal focus breathing… Overall, the Sony FE PZ 16-35mm f/4 G represents a significant update over the old Zeiss “predecessor” while keeping a relatively sane price level. – highly recommended!

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SAB: Meike 85mm f/1.8 MF Review

Meike 85mm f/1.8 MF: B&H Photo / Amazon
Meike 85mm f/1.8 AF: B&H Photo / Amazon

Sony Alpha Blog posted its full Meike 85mm f/1.8 MF review, which should also apply to the AF lens, which doesn’t cost that much more. You can read the full review here or check out the excerpt below:

The Meike 85mm F1.8 (250 euros) is a pleasant surprise : A manual lens with EXIF for 250 euros and with very good overall results


  • Very good to excellent sharpness in the centre
  • Very good blurry background
  • Good color rendition
  • EXIF transmission
  • Light
  • Cheap
  • Low distorsion
  • Small vignetting at F1.8 / none at F2.8
  • Can be upgraded via firmware


  • Bokeh Balls truncated
  • Moderate CA
  • Lower contrast at F1.8 in some situation
  • Average corners wide open
  • Good build quality but not “very good”
  • Noisy aperture changes

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