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Sensor Top Glass Testing on Sony APS-C Sensor: Dust, Dirt, Oils, and Even Knife Testing

Photographers can be a bit obsessive about scratches, but most will never notice the scratch unless reselling their equipment, but how durable is the sensor? Arthur tries to find out above and below is a summary. Arthur R did this video due to viewers complaining about him leaving his camera sensor uncovered in previous videos […]

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Modified Sony a7 Removes EVF

Yang Jingchao over at camgle posted a project that they have been working on to remove the viewfinder from a Sony a7, which is really impressive. It looks like phase two of this project will include a hot shoe from later posts, so this might be a thread worth following if you’re into extreme camera modification. Below […]

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Sony Setup for DSLR Users: 5 Custom Settings

Sony alpha universe published an article recommending 5 customizations to make DSLR users feel more at home when moving to Sony. I have never been a big fan of DSLR’s so I am not sure how much they will help switchers, but I know that all of the mirrorless companies are making more of an effort […]

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Sony “Take The Picture You Want” Four Part Series

Robert Evans discusses his process and settings for shooting Sony cameras as a celebrity wedding photographer. He has an interesting work flow that I haven’t considered before owning/using multiple cameras. Robert is a big fan of the Sony a7RII, a6300 and Sony RX100 IV.

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Color Grading Explained

B&H Photo created a great tutorial about color grading that is worth reading if you’re experimenting with video on your Sony camera. Their tutorial will make three way color correction, secondary color manipulation, match color, and more clear to aspiring videographers looking to up their game. Via B&H Photo  

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Arber Marra’s 19th Century Lens Project

Arber Marra created his own adapter for the Sony a7S with a bellow to bring his 19th century lens from a flea market back to life. The photos and video this combination create is very dreamy and unique, but not for everyone. You can read about how he created his adapter at petapixel or see more photos/Video on his […]

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