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Zeiss ZX1 vs Sony RX1RII vs Leica Q2: Is The Zeiss Just an Expensive Tech Demo?

I have been a fan of fix lens compact cameras going back to the Fujifilm X100, which I have repeately bought throughout my time in digital photography, but many of these cameras came up short for me due to issues like a lack of weather sealing. When the Zeiss ZX1 was announced I was excited […]

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Zeiss ZX1 Lightroom Mobile Demo

DPR released a video demonstrating how lightroom mobile works for editing on the Zeiss ZX1. I think we will see more of this in the future as computing power gets cheaper and more energy effecient. This is also a great way to combate the convinence and ubiquity of smart phones, because many younger users will […]

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DPR: Zeiss ZX1 Added to Photo Studio Scene

The Zeiss ZX1 is a very interesting camera that a select few will love, while others wont quite get it. In the past I owned a Leica Q, Sony RX1 and a few Fujifilm X100 and I loved them all, but I decided to put the money into glass. Now I am feeling the urge […]

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DPR: Zeiss ZX1 Review Started

DPR started its review of the Zeiss ZX1 which you can read here. Below is a summary of their current findings: Key specifications: 37.4MP full-frame sensor Fixed 35mm F2 lens with Zeiss T* coatings 4.3″ ‘angled’ LCD with 2.76M dots 0.74x magnification electronic viewfinder with 6.22M dots Maximum shutter speed of 1/2000 sec (flash sync […]

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Zeiss ZX1 Finally Officially Announced and Available for Preorder

The Zeiss ZX1 has been in limbo for a long time now with it briefly being available for preorder a few weeks ago. Today the ZX1 is actually officially available to order so grab yours at B&H Photo / Adorama Specs: Pixels Effective: 37.4 Megapixel Maximum Resolution 7488 x 4992 Aspect Ratio 3:2 Sensor Type CMOS […]

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Zeiss ZX1 Will Be Official Announced on October 29th at 6:00 AM

B&H Photo listed the Zeiss ZX1 early for preorder a few weeks ago and it is no longer available so hopefully some of you got your orders in. Now Nokishita is reporting that the official announcement will be October 29th around 6:00 AM EST. It seems that the official announcement of the price etc. of […]

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