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Sony DSC-HX99 Discontinued

The Sony DSC-HX99 has been marked as discontinued overseas. You can still find the Sony DSC-HX99 at retailers so if you want to purchase one new now is the time before they run out. Sony DSC-HX99: B&H Photo / Amazon / Adorama via asobinet

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Sony Maintains Large Sensor Market Share Through Innovation

Nikkei released an interesting article talking about how Sony has managed to maintain its 60% market share goal. Below are some excerpts from the article which you can read in full here. The Sony Group will further enhance the functionality of image sensors used in smartphone cameras and other devices. We will realize a technology […]

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DPRTV: Top Five Most Annoying Camera Quirks

DPRTV posted an entertaining video about things that drive them mad about cameras and it is supposed to be camera independent, but they start off by hating on Sony not having in-camera RAW processing and then move on from there. RAW processing is the least of my worries on Sony, but what do you think? […]

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Sony Alpha 1 and The Future of Computational Photography

The topic of computational photography or really computational anything is a very interesting one and I have to say Jordan’s thoughts above got me thinking. The Sony A1 reads out at an impressive rate and many of the bottlenecks that would make computational photography difficult on a full-size camera are starting to fall away, but […]

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Sony’s Image Sensor Business Could Easily Grow 300%+ In The Coming Years

Image sensor world spotted an article by Forbes contributor Stephen McBride about his view on Sony CIS business: “The growth in sensor sales over the past three years has been nothing short of remarkable. This year Sony will generate more profits from imaging than any of its other business lines. Sensors are on track to […]

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Here Comes The Canon EOS R

Nokishita leaked the details of the new Canon EOS R Mirrorless camera and it’s very much designed to be in the middle of Sony’s a7III and a7RIII camera based on the specs. If the price point is right this could be an interesting competitor. Canon’s dual pixel autofocus has already proven to be very effective […]

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