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New Sony Patents Found For 12mm f/2.8, 14mm f/2.0, and 20mm f/1.8 Primes

Sony’s optical system patents such as “12mm F2.8”, “14mm F2”, “20mm F1.8”, etc. overview Patent 7428179 [Registration date] 2024-01-29 [Publication date] 2024-02-06 [Name of the invention] Optical system and imaging device [Application date] 2020-03-18 [International release date] 2020-10-22 [Patent Holder] [Identification Number] 000002185 [Name] Sony Group Corporation BACKGROUND ART [0002] In recent years, digital cameras […]

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New Sony Camera Registered Probably The Sony ZV-E10II

The WW293541 chinese registration that was found by photorumors is likely for the upcoming Sony ZV-E10II camera that is expected in April.

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Sony WW559681 is The ILX-LR1 Two Cameras Left to Identify

Sony ILX-LR1: B&H Photo Sony had three unidentified camera registrations floating around, the WW559681, WW459276, and WW279317. We no know the WW559681 is the Sony ILX-LR1 thanks to weibo. The Most likely cameras coming from Sony are the Sony a9III, a1II, a7SIV, a7V or we could even see the Sony a7SIV replaced with a Sony […]

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Sony Camera Vibration Patent

A patent from Sony was found that appears to communicate the status of the camera to the user using vibrations. This could be a useful technology, but I think most would prefer dials with useful markings on them that communicate the information over vibrations. overview [Publication number] P2023150183 [Release date] 2023-10-16 [Name of the invention] […]

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Sony Camera Registrations WW459276 and WW559681 Found

New camera registrations for the Sony WW459276 and WW559681 were found on Weibo. They are believed to be for the next Sony a9III and Sony A1II with a less likely Sony a7SIV and Sony a7V thrown in for good measure. There have been rumors of a Sony a9III launch being imminent for a while now […]

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Full Frame Tamron 17-50mm f/4 Patent Found

Overview [Publication number] P2023092730 [Publication date] 2023-07-04 [Title of Invention] Optical system and imaging device [Application date] 2021-12-22 [Applicant] [Identification number] 000133227 [Name] Tamron Co., Ltd. Kind Code: A1 A zoom lens and an imaging device are provided which are compact and lightweight and have high imaging performance over the entire zoom range. 2. Description of […]

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