Sony a9: Potential Shortcomings and Roundup

Some of the early post-launch reviews have been very positive, but there are a few articles of concern surfacing worth taking looking at more closely. diglloyd reported pattern/banding noise at 100 ISO, which might be from a faulty camera, but no one else has reproduced his results, and the site is a paid site. Hopefully, Reidreviews will cover the a9 and put the issue to rest, because I have found some of diglloyds results a bit sensational.

In other news, Jason Lanier came under fire for his Sony a9 testing. He’s been promoting the camera pretty hard, and his recent ISO test is being called invalid by many on YouTube. Digital camera ISO is a touchy subject among modern photographers because every camera handles ISO a little differently, but I shoot a lot of truly low light photography with my cameras, so ill check it out when I receive the camera. We already know the a9 does not have an ISO invariant sensor, which means that it’s not likely to have great high ISO performance, but the actual high ISO performance of the camera is yet to be seen since most “testers” are just stopping down the aperture while increasing the ISO. The most brutal way to test ISO is when you can’t drop your shutter speed anymore or open your aperture any wider.

Slanted Lens – Image Samples From Video Above


roseandcharles – SONY A9 FIRST IMPRESSIONS

diglloyd – Sony A9: Pattern/Banding Noise at ISO 100

Sar Andrea – Canon 500mm lens using the MC-11 adapter

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  • sickheadache

    First off let’s truly say the truth here…Jason Lanier is a Sony Hump. Over Processed, got all the answers and makes it truly look to easy when he has a team of goo goo eyed space cadets followers who do all the editing. Lanier and that great fat wonder on youtube. who can actually review cameras and lenses without holding them and testing them…Watch out Ken Rockwell. The Nikon D820 while it has not been released and I have not touched or even seen a copy is the BEST DAMN CAMERA EVER! I need my own you tube show.

    • FormattedSD

      you said HUMP…. ROFL

  • FormattedSD

    The INFO ABOVE IS A LIE…..the banding HAS BEEN REPRODUCED from images already on DPReview….. see examples posted yesterday on sonyalpharumors site.

    • At the time of posting it wasn’t reproduced and I only follow content creators.

      • FormattedSD

        Yes, it HAS been reproduced, …now i have to go find the picture for you…..

        • You said sonyalpharumors not the DPReview forums, which I haven’t checked since doing this post… Anyways… apparently you’re Voldemort and doing a pretty good job of getting this fake account of yours blocked.

          You’re statement might have been clearer if you didn’t put so much effort into insulting others.

          • FormattedSD

            its on both, same image.
            I said its on sony alpharumors yesterdays thread
            and also on the DPReview.
            Im not responsible for your misunderstanding
            Since you resort to personal insults, that shows where your mind is. Childish

      • FormattedSD