Sigma to Produce E-mount Lenses

image courtesy of focus-numerique

The introduction of the MC-11 Mount Converter/Lens Adapter was a hint of thing to come, but now the President of Sigma Mr. Kazuto Yamaki has confirmed that Sigma will begin producing full frame lenses for E-mount.

Digital Focus – We saw this year many manufacturers launch on Sony FE mount. After Zeiss and its ranges Batis and Loxia ago today Samyang (with autofocus lenses) and Tokina with its new range Firin .You launched earlier this year the adapter ring MC-11 for EF mount . What are the early returns on, and will you launch EF mount goals for Sony A7?

Mr. Kazuto Yamaki – Our adapter ring worked very well in the first months following the announcement.Unfortunately, thereafter, it was less the case. The number of people using an adapter ring is quite limited.
I think the EF mount is one of the most important in this industry. I think Sony will be one of the manufacturers number 1 in this category of devices thanks to their sensor technology.

The future of EF mount is beaming. So yes we will come out of EF mount objectives in the future. I personally bought a A7R II to understand the performance and capabilities of the Sony hybrids. I normally use our own devices with the Foveon sensor, but from time to time I buy new innovative devices ( “game changing cameras”). Just a few years I had purchased a Canon EOS 5D.

Sony will have no shortage of quality glass going forward for E-mount.

Via focus-numerique

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Additional Sony a99 Mark II Coverage

Matt Granger seems impressed with the Sony a99 II, but he is unsure why Sony made the camera since most of the people he knows left A-mount even thought they loved the cameras. This was how many felt about the announcement, but maybe Sony will start rapidly releasing A-mount bodies now like they did E-mount bodies a few years ago.

There is an official Sony a99II Gallery now.

DPReview also posted an autofocus and buffer demo video for us to drool over. The performance looks impressive and reminded me of the advantage of a translucent mirror.

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Sony Has to Create Something New

Kimio Maki the Senior General Manager of the Digital Imaging Business Group at Sony gave another pretty typical interview with Amateur Photographer about the a99 except for one detail.

“Are fast-focusing mirrorless cameras like the Fujifilm X-T2 a threat to Sony Alpha 7-series customers?
KM: Yes. In terms of speed we have learned a lot from Fujifilm, Canon and other competitors. There’s still a lot more to learn of course and we don’t have the same kind of weapon right now. We have to create something new.”

It’s a rare admission of defeat from Sony, but it could also indicate the return of the original distinction between the Sony a7 and a7R when they launched. Sony might go back to developing the Sony a7 line as a speed demon line instead of a value line in the future. Maybe the Mark III line up will be laid out as follows:

Sony a7 III Autofocus King
Sony a7S III Low Light King
Sony a7R III Resolution King

If Sony went back to the original formula it would mean we would see them refreshed a7, a7R and finally a7S. Next year could be interesting.

Via Amateur Photographer


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Sony Radio Flash Support Added to Sony a7 II and a7S II


Sony releases a firmware 3.20 for the Sony A7II and A7sII adding support for the new Sony radio flash system. You can download the firmwares below:

A7II for Apple or Windows
A7sII for Apple or Windows

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“Create Your Hero Shot” with Miguel Quiles

In-depth head shot tutorial by Miguel Quiles using the Sony a7R II with Sony FE 85mm f/1.4 GMSony FE 90mm f/2.8 Macro G OSSSony FE 70-300mm F4.5 G OSS and Sony a6300 with Sony FE 50mm F1.8. The main areas this vide covers are

  • How to Create a Hero Shot
  • Setting up you’re Camera, Lenses, Lights and Studio Space
  • Tethering your Camera
  • Working with Subjects to Pose them and their Hand Placement
  • Using a Variety of Cameras, Lenses and Lights to Achieve Different Looks
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Voigtlander 65mm f/2 Macro Apo-Lanthar Photos

Photos of the Voigtlander 65mm f/2 Macro Apo-Lanthar have surfaced thanks to DC.Watch

Focal length used on full format camera body 65 mm
Aperture ratio 1:2
Minimum aperture F22
Click-stop tba
Lens construction 10 elments in 8 groups
Angle of view 38°
Aperture blade 10
Minimum focus 0,31 m
Maximum diameter 77,2 m
Length 98,5 mm
Mount E
Electrical contact: Exif data transfer from lens to camera body for lens correction available
Manual focus assistant available
Weight tba
Filter size 67 mm
Color black
Others Selective aperture control system, “screw-in”-type lens hood

This will be the fifth Voigtlander lenses for Sony E-Mount.

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