New Sony Underwater Housing From Sea & Sea

There is a new underwater housing available for the Sony a6300 from Sea & Sea.
B&H Photo


  • Depth Rating: 250′
  • Dual Fiber-Optic Cable Ports for Strobes
  • Optional 2-Pin Sync Connector for Strobe
  • Mechanical Controls
  • Access to Virtually All Camera Functions
  • Machined, Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum
  • Interchangeable Lens Port System
  • Optional Lens Port Required
  • Optional Leak Sensor Available


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Sony Zoom Lens Lineup vs Fujifilm’s by John Clark


This is a follow up to John Clark‘s previous post Full Frame Lenses Compared.

There are quite a lot of categories here. I have not tried very many of these lenses. What you read here is just the summary of a lot of research. Here we go … Read More »

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Jason Lanier 85mm G Master vs 50mm Planar

Jason Lanier’s trip is over, but he leaves us with one final Planar video comparing the new Sony Zeiss 50mm Planar to the Sony 85mm G Master. He doesn’t really get into bokeh quality, but it is an interesting comparison, because many debate about what is the ideal focal length for portraiture. I personally like to work with a 50mm, but many like 85mm or longer.

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Color Grading Explained

B&H Photo created a great tutorial about color grading that is worth reading if you’re experimenting with video on your Sony camera. Their tutorial will make three way color correction, secondary color manipulation, match color, and more clear to aspiring videographers looking to up their game.

Via B&H Photo


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Sony a7RII Firmware 3.30 Now Available


The new Sony a7RII firmware adds radio controlled lighting, improved stabilization and temperature control. It’s good to see Sony continue to improve an already great camera. You can download the new firmware here.

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Samyang AF 14mm f/2.8 FE Lens Now Available For Preorder


Now available for preorder at B&H Photo.

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