Tamron 100mm f/2.8 Di III 1: 1 Macro Patent Found

Asobinet found a patent for a Tamron 100mm f/2.8 Di III 1: 1 Macro mirrorless lens that should come to E-Mount


  • [Publication Number] Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 2022-14947 (P2022-14947A)
  • [Publication date] January 21, 2022.1 (2022.1.21)
  • Description: Optical system and image pickup apparatus
  • [Application date] July 8, 2nd year of Reiwa (2020.7.8)
  • [Applicant]
    [Identification number] 000133227
    [Name or name] Tamron Co. , Ltd.
  • PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a compact optical system and an image pickup apparatus while having high optical performance from infinity to close proximity.
  • In
    recent years, a small image pickup device using a solid-state image pickup element such as a digital still camera has become widespread. Along with this, there is a high demand for a compact imaging system, and there is a demand for miniaturization of the mounted optical system. In addition, there is a high demand for higher performance, and in an optical system capable of close-up photography with a high shooting magnification, high optical performance is required from infinity to close-up. Therefore, a so-called floating method has been adopted in which aberration fluctuations are suppressed by moving a plurality of lens groups during focusing. However, in an optical system that employs a floating method, reducing the stroke amount of each focus lens group required for focusing greatly contributes to the miniaturization of the optical system and, by extension, the lens barrel. The issue is whether it can be suppressed.
  • Therefore, an object of the present invention
    is to provide a compact optical system while having high optical performance from infinity to close range.

Example 1

  • Focal length: 102.2339-39.8108
  • F value: 2.8880-5.7689
  • Half angle of view: 11.82020-5.8028
  • Shooting magnification: 0.0 — 1.0

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Tokina SZ Super Tele 500mm f/8 Reflex MF Announced

Tokina SZ Super Tele 500mm f/8:
B&H Photo / Amazon

Tokina SZ SUPER TELE 500mm F8 Reflex MF worldwide sales date announcement
Jan 21, 2022

Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the sales release of the Tokina SZ SUPER TELE 500mm F8 Reflex MF lens. With the debut of the SZX SUPER TELE 400mm F8 Reflex MF, the SZ series offering a range of exciting products with specific features and valuable advantages.

Sales will commence on February 18, 2022.

Tokina SZ SUPER TELE 500mm F8 Reflex MF is a 500mm super tele lens that adopts catadioptric type optical design with a constant F8 aperture. The lens offers a compact alternative to standard tele photo lenses as more and more photographers are looking for easy-to-carry gear. Keeping in mind active travel photographers that seek outdoor landscape, wild nature or birds, the 500mm F8 Reflex MF is designed as a compact and lightweight mirror lens – a type of lens to be rediscovered in this new era of also compact but high-tech mirrorless cameras. The Tokina SZ SUPER TELE 500mm F8 Reflex MF adopts a T-mount standard (pitch 0.75mm, thread 42mm) that allows the lens to be attached to any camera by using mount adapters.

Highlighted Features
Extremely compact and lightweight super tele lens.

  • Macro shooting with 1 : 2.86 magnification.
  • Specific donut-shaped and super smooth bokeh.
  • Easy and precise focusing.
  • Super compression effect.
  • Versatile mount system for 6 camera mounts including 4 mounts for mirrorless cameras.

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Viltrox 85mm f/1.8 V2 Firmware 1.2.4 Update Released

Viltrox 85mm f/1.8 V2 Firmware 1.2.4 released and can be downloaded here.

Firmware update instructions:
1. Optimize the stability of video tracking at small aperture.

VILTROX 85mm f/1.8 II: B&H Photo / Amazon
VILTROX 56mm f/1.4: B&H Photo / Amazon
VILTROX 33mm f/1.4: B&H Photo / Amazon
VILTROX 23mm f/1.4: B&H Photo / Amazon

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Tokina Vista 21mm and 29mm T1.5 Announced


Tokina Vista 21mm T1.5: B&H Photo
Tokina Vista 29mm T1.5:
B&H Photo

Introducing the Vista 21mm and 29mm T1.5 lenses!
The new Tokina Cinema Vista 21mm and 29mm T1.5 lenses, announced today, provides cinematographers with highly sought after focal lengths. The lenses present a natural perspective which flatters subjects’ faces, while rendering a beautifully smooth background when required. It is equally suitable for Super35 and larger-sized frame coverage up to Vista Vision and even beyond.

It joins the existing nine-strong set of 18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 40mm, 50mm, 65mm, 85mm, 105mm, and 135mm T1.5 high resolution (8K+) Vista prime lenses.

The Tokina Cinema Vista 21mm and 29mm T1.5 share the same exacting build quality and highly tuned optical performance that users have come to expect from the Tokina Cinema Vista prime range. It maintains the form factor of the other Vista primes, sharing a common 114mm front diameter and similar weights to each other.

The Tokina Cinema Vista 21mm T1.5 has 18 groups with 19 elements while the 29mm has 18 groups and 18 elements. There are nine iris blades in each to ensure the roundness of the apertures. Lens distortion and chromatic aberration are well-controlled, with minimal focus breathing, soft pleasing flare and gentle roll-off from subject to background.

With an area of definition of 46.7mm, the Vista 21mm and 29mm T1.5 is an ideal choice for larger sensor cameras like the RED Monstro 8K VV and ARRI Alexa LF Mini. The lens even has an area of illumination that will cover larger formats up to Alexa 65 2:1 Open Gate. It is available in interchangeable ARRI PL, Canon EF, Micro Four Thirds, Sony E, and ARRI LPL mounts.

The Tokina Cinema Vista 21mm and 29mm T1.5 will be available from Tokina Cinema USA, or your local authorized dealer, at an MSRP of $7,499.00 USD.

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Godox AD200 Pro Firmware 1.3 Released

Godox just released a firmware update for the Godox AD200 Pro which you can download here and if you have a version A flash you can download the version A update here. You can read more about the update below:

1.The E3 false alarm has been solved.
2.Add the compatibility of ring lamps.
(Please check out if there is a sticker “Version A” on the light fixture, and then choose the corresponding firmware to upgrade.)

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Godox AD200Pro Witstro: B&H Photo / Adorama
Godox AD200: 
B&H Photo / Amazon

Godox X2T-S:  Amazon

Godox V1: B&H Photo / Amazon / Adorama

Godox AD400Pro Witstro: B&H Photo / Amazon / Adorama
Godox AD600Pro Witstro: B&H Photo / Amazon
Godox AD1200Pro: B&H Photo / Amazon

Godox XPro-S: B&H Photo / Amazon
Godox X1T-S: B&H Photo / Amazon
Godox TT350S: B&H Photo / Amazon
Godox V350S: B&H Photo / Amazon
Godox V860IIS: B&H Photo / Amazon
Godox TT685S: B&H Photo / Amazon

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DA: Sony A1 vs Canon R3 – You Can’t Go Wrong With Either, But Sony Has a Better Ecosystem For Now

Dustin Abbott posted his Sony A1 vs Canon R3 shoot out which you can watch above or read our bullet point summary below:

  • Canon R3 is a little cheaper
  • Canon R3 has a built-in grip that makes it larger
  • Canon R3 might feel like more for your money
  • Canon R3 has redundant controls and more battery storage
  • Sony A1 is more compact even stealthy
  • Sony A1 can be used for more applications
  • Both cameras do 30fps electronic shutter
  • Canon R3 does 12fps mechanical shutter
  • Sony A1 does 10fps mechanical shutter
  • The mechanical shutter is an afterthought really since the electronic shutter has gotten so good
  • Canon R3 can do 1/64,000th of a second while the Sony A1 can only do 1/32,000th
  • Both have good anti-flicker an 1/180th electronic shutter flash sync
  • Sony A1 has double the resolution of the Canon R3 with 50MP vs 24MP
  • Canon R3 has a slightly better high ISO
  • Sony A1 might have a slight dynamic range advantage, but they are similar
  • Sony A1 has the better sensor
  • Both have amazing AF and tracking
  • DA slightly favors the Canon R3 tracking because the visual process is a little more engaging
  • Both cameras are so good at AF that they feel like cheating
  • Canon R3 has a deeper buffer for shooting continuous compared to the Sony A1 due to the resolution difference
  • Canon R3 540 JPG and 150 full RAW and 420 lossless compressed before the buffer fills
  • Sony A1 400 JPG and 238 compressed lossless RAW before the buffer fills
  • Canon R3 feels a little more responsive emptying the buffer
  • Sony A1 high resolution is a little more resolution than Canon R3 due to the cropping flexibility or shooting APS-C mode
  • Canon R3 9.3mp vs Sony A1 22mp when cropping to APS-C
  • Sony has a better lens ecosystem at the moment
  • Sony G Master is every bit as good as Canon L glass but it is smaller and cheaper and Sony has a lot of great third party lenses at the moment
  • Canon R3 has a better rear LCD
  • Canon eye control is unique
  • Sony A1 has a higher resolution EVF
  • Both cameras will be a delight for sports
  • Body style and resolution are really what your choice comes down too
  • These are the best cameras that either company has produced

Sony A1: B&H Photo / Amazon / Moment / Adorama
Canon R3: B&H Photo / Adorama

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