Sony Creative Space NYC Schedule and Special Evening Events

The Sony Creative Space NYC is a three-day-long celebration of still and moving imagery and creativity that is free and open to the public.

Sony Creative Space NYC offers attendees a wide range of shooting opportunities (including multiple sets and models), workshops, photo walks, and more.

Attendees can also borrow cameras and lenses from the Alpha camera lineup, so they can spend time shooting with the latest Sony camera gear, get answers to technical questions from Sony Pro Support and get tips and tricks for the setup and use of Sony cameras.

Creative Space NYC  is held to coincide with the Photo Plus Expo in New York City. Sony Creative Space is based at the SIR Stage 37 studio, located just a few blocks from the Javitz Convention Center, at 508 W 37th Street in New York.

Creative Space NYC  will also host numerous special events, including the Abel Cine Film Night on the 23rd, Art of Visuals Day and B&H Night on the 24th, and Alpha Female Day and BeAlpha Night on the 25th.

Sony Creative Space NYC and the special events are free to attend. Registration is required for general admission to the Sony Creative Space, and separately for the evening events. Read More »

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Voigtlander 50mm f/2.0 APO-LANTHAR FE Announced

Employs an apochromatic design that reduces the axial chromatic aberration of RGB, which constitutes the three primary colors of light, to zero as much as possible. The 60 years since Cosina was founded, the technology cultivated 20 years after the launch of the Vogtlender lens was put together to pursue ultimate performance. It combines performance as the best standard lens in the history of Vogtlender, and is compact and easy to handle.

Main features:
● Sony E mount compatible.
Equipped with electronic contacts, the lens usage is reflected in the Exif information of the shooting data. The built-in distance encoder supports 5-axis image stabilization on the camera body side. You can also enlarge the viewfinder by operating the focus ring.

● Optimized
optical design. Optimized optical design for Sony E mount sensor while ensuring full size image circle. High resolution is maintained up to the periphery of the screen, and phenomena such as color coverage are also suppressed.

● apochromatic design
to correspond to digital sensors with high pixel current, and thoroughly suppress longitudinal chromatic aberration and lateral chromatic aberration.

● 12 sheets squeezed to enjoy the ball blur representation
aperture blades adopted a special shape to be circular even F2.8 not only F2 open. You can draw using “ball bokeh” such as point light source.

● Manual focus for
precise focusing. Smooth metal-focusing is achieved by adopting a high-precision grease that produces moderate torque and all-metal helicoid units that are processed and adjusted with high accuracy. Subtle focus adjustment is possible.

* APO-LANTHAR is an award given to particularly high-performance products in Vogtlender lenses. APO-LANTHAR was born in 1954, a legendary lens that has fascinated photographers with its outstanding imaging performance and descriptive beauty. Its origin dates back 120 years.

Main specifications:

Focal length 50mm
Aperture ratio 1: 2
Minimum aperture F16
Lens configuration 10 elements in 8 groups (open aperture F2, F2.8 circular aperture)
Angle of view 46.5 °
Number of diaphragm blades 12 sheets
Minimum shooting distance 0.45m
Maximum shooting magnification 1: 6.46
Maximum diameter x total length φ62.6 × 61.3mm
Filter size φ49mm
weight 364g
Lens hood Attached
Electronic contacts Yes
  Focus expansion function Correspondence
  Exif information: Correspondence
  Lens correction selection Possible
  5-axis body shake Compatible (limited to 5-axis compatible bodies)
 Other: With aperture switching mechanism

Suggested retail price (tax not included): ¥ 120,000 JAN 4530076 233119
Scheduled to be released in December 2019

Press Release:
“Co-Cina Co., Ltd. will release the APO-LANTHAR 50mm F2 Aspherical E-mount MF lens for Sony E-mount in December. The suggested retail price is 120,000 yen excluding tax.

MF lens incorporates an apochromatic design aimed at suppressing the axial chromatic aberration and various aberrations in the lens design. It is said that it has been optimized for the image sensor of the Sony E-mount camera, and appeals for its high resolution and contrast reproducibility.

The lens configuration is 10 elements in 8 groups (5 anomalous partial dispersion glasses and 2 double-sided aspheric lenses).

It employs a floating mechanism that maintains high image quality from close range to long range.

There are 12 diaphragm blades, and it adopts a special shape that keeps a circular shape not only at F2 when it is open but also at F2.8, and it is said that it can also create works that take advantage of the blurred shape of the point light source.

The company says it is a lens that aims to achieve both ultimate optical performance and compactness, and the figures in the MTF diagram are actually measured values ​​based on mass-produced products, not design values.

It has electronic contacts and supports recording of shooting data using Exif information. Further, and as also corresponds to the camera shake correction operation in the models are equipped with camera shake compensation by a built-in distance encoder. In addition, it is also possible to enlarge the display by operating the focus ring.

In addition, an aperture switching mechanism is mounted, and the aperture ring can be made stepless. As a result, it can handle video recording.

The E mount lenses that bear the APO like this lens include the macro lenses “MACRO APO-LANTHAR 65mm F2 Aspherical E-mount” and “MACRO APO-LANTHAR 110mm F2.5”.

2019 marks the milestone of 60 years since 1959, when the company was established as a lens processing plant (Nikko Corporation), and the 20th year since the launch of the Vogtlender brand products (1999). “APO-LANTHAR 50mm F2 Aspherical E-mount” is also positioned as a commemoration of this anniversary. The 50th anniversary product was NOKTON 50mm F1.1 (VM mount).

via Voigtlander

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ON1 2020 Released

ON1 2020 is available today

ON1 Photo RAW 2020 – Photography Your Way – Now Available.
New AI Features, New Filters, SmugMug Sharing, X-Rite Integration, Improved Processing on Fujifilm Raw Files, and Much More! Part of the all-new ON1 ecosystem for photographers.

Portland, OR – October 17, 2019 — Today, ON1 Inc. announces the availability of the new ON1 Photo RAW 2020. This new version is the first release in a new line of creative products announced back in August. This professional-grade photo organizer, raw processor, layered editor, and effects app, is available today as an all-in-one photo workflow solution.

Photography Your Way, The ON1 Difference.
ON1 gives you control of your photography and what matters to you – it’s Photography Your Way. ON1 is an open system giving you control over photo organization, storage, editing, creative style, and how you purchase. While most mainstream software solutions restrict your organization and editing in closed systems, ON1 gives you an open system for complete control over your storage, organization, editing, and method of purchase. ON1 will also never be a subscription-only model.

“Customers will immediately notice the speed and quality improvements we’ve made under-the-hood. A lot of great feedback came in from our beta users, and we were able to deliver on their requests in this version,” says Craig Keudell, President and CEO. Read More »

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Voigtlander 50mm f/2.0 APO-LANTHAR FE Coming in December

I have been a Voigtlander fan for a long time on M-Mount and they are continuing their quality glass on E-Mount today. Voigtlander’s 50mm f/2 APO-LANTHAR will certainly be an interesting addition to their line up, but will it be as popular as their ultra-wide and fast glass?

The price of a domestic mass merchandise store for the APO-LANTHAR 50mm F2 Aspherical E-Mount, which was announced overseas the other day, seems to be around 128,000 yen including tax. Scheduled release date is December 2019

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Luminar 4 Launches November 18, 2019

1. Luminar 4 + Signature Looks bundle for US$69 instead of US$138
2. Luminar 4 + Signature Looks + Luminar 3 bundle for US$99 instead of US$207

Image editing made extraordinarily fast through AI advancements in Luminar
Flagship software to bring innovative machine-learning tools and workflow to photographers as both a standalone application and plugin.

BELLEVUE, WA – October 15, 2019 — Skylum is pleased to announce additional enhancements coming to Luminar 4 to be shipped on November 18, 2019. The release intends to change the way photographers approach photo editing, offering several tools informed by extensive machine-learning and a new streamlined  interface to make photo editing more accessible than ever before.

Luminar 4 isn’t just another photo editor — it brings time-saving, creative photo processing to everyone in an easy-to-use approach. Skylum wants people to enjoy not only the  taking of photos, but also the processing images which is typically where many photographers have the most frustration. With Luminar 4, anyone can create a masterpiece.

With a refreshed interface and workflow, Luminar 4 shifts from being a tool-based approach to one that is purpose-based. It shortens the learning process, helping any photographer experiment  creatively and expand their vision. While the software incorporates complex tools, they’re completely customizable and easy to use, whether you’re a beginner or seasoned professional.

For example, in Luminar 4, photographers will experience the power of AI Sky Replacement — the first automated sky replacement tool in the market. AI Structure provides photographers with a tool to adjust fine details in their photographs, without destroying relevant subjects. Finally, tools like AI Skin Enhancer and Portrait Enhancer will take an everyday portrait and turn it into a masterpiece! Read More »

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Patrick Murphy-Racey’s Lengthy Sony a9II Review

Patrick probably has the most Sony a9II experience out there shooting multiple events across over 2,000 miles. The video is very long and focuses on 18 reasons why you should buy an a9II along with 6 pain points. If you don’t have an hr to setaside and watch below are excerpts from his video:

18 reasons why you should buy Sony a9II

  1. Improved AF performance
    • Same sensor, but it’s more mature and robust now
    • Flexible spot medium tracking on the a9 jumps between modes rapidly
    • The camera juggles distance, contrast, face detection, eye AF, color, and pattern when doing real-time tracking
    • The Sony a9II almost always keeps all of these factors in the air without an issue
    • Faster acquisition than the original a9
    • More icing on the cake
  2. Improved Image Quality and Color
    • No issue with various lighting types including LED
    • Great high ISO
    • Great with Strobes
    • Image quality overall is better even if it is only coming from processing
    • The engineers have had 3 years to improve image quality
    • Image quality improvements show the most when shooting high ISO because the color remains accurate
    • Very little you have to do to correct color regardless of how bad light is
    • 2-Stops better IQ than the a9 in Patrick’s opinion
    • Image processing is just cleaner
  3. Anti-Flicker
    • Was shocked that the a9 didn’t have anti-flicker, but now Sony is adding it to a lot of cameras and the a9 needed it badly
    • You must go into the menu’s to turn this feature on
    • The C3 button has to be used to use the mechanical shutter because anti-flicker won’t work with the electronic shutter
    • Flicker is a big issue when shooting in gyms like high school gyms with lower end lighting
  4. Red AF Frame
    • a9 got this via a firmware update, but he’s so happy to have it that he is mentioning it here
  5. Voice Memo
    • Great to be in camera because it can help you organize
    • It will playback if you hit the button twice so be careful if you’re somewhere that has to be quite
    • When you have the camera connected to FTP voice memo’s can be converted to text for the image
  6. Dust and Moisture Sealing
    • Gen4 cameras are much better sealed than in the past so the a9II and a7RIV
    • Every door has a seal
    • He has never had a camera go down from water from the rain because he uses rain covers
  7. 10 FPS mechanical shutter
    • The a9 dropping to 5fps mechanical was disappointing and the a9II has corrected the issue
    • Mechanical and Electronic shutters can be used for sports now.
    • Can shoot basketball with strobes
    • New shutter is very quiet too
    • Can work quietly with the mechanical shutter
    • Only camera Sony has that syncs at 1/200th of a second with a pocket wizard, but still wants 1/250th
  8. Big buttons and better grip
    • AF on button is almost as big as a D5 now so you can find it with gloves on
    • The Joystick is now flat and won’t break off
    • Feels great with the grip
  9. Faster wifi
    • Original only has 2.4ghz and it was slow, but the new 5ghz is very fast and you barely see the bar
    • Very impressive
  10. Two UHS-II card slots
    • No longer have a UHS-I card holding it back so now the camera isn’t held back
    • The top slot is slot 1 and the bottom 2 so the opposite of the original
  11. USB Fast Charging
    • You can now quick charge with USB-C, which is much faster than the old USB charging
    • Can probably deal with fewer batteries now
    • Canon/Nikon cant fast charge
  12. Real-time Eye AF in Video
    • Revolutionary and useful
    • Helps keep costs down
  13. The ability to custom name video files
    • Now you can name your files differently than your other Sony cameras so you can be more organized
    • Less time wasted
  14. Digital Audio
    • The new shotgun mic is great
    • The new XLR mic is great too
  15. Exposure dial toggle lock
    • Keeps you from changing exposure comp without noticing
    • Press once to move freely and once again to lock
    • Can safely shoot aperture priority
  16. New Function Button Options
    • Less work to move between shooting stills and video
  17. Battery efficiency improved
    • No complaints about the original a9, but now it’s even better, but he hasn’t noticed, because most of the time one battery is enough.
  18. Just not finished yet
    • Sony will add more features with time
    • The camera came out now to service Olympics photographers now
    • More features will likely come before the Olympics

6 Pain Points

  1. High EyepointEVF
    • Not great for people that need to wear glasses
    • Should be more like Nikon F3P
    • Can’t see the entire viewfinder with glasses
    • Should zoom EVF in and out to correct
    • Non-issue if you do not wear glasses
  2. Still no 1/250th sync
    • Should be able to sync any flash you want at 1/250
    • Must have for sports photographers
    • 50% of sports are using a strobe (basketball and hockey)
    • This makes Sony a9 the best camera for only half of the sports
  3. Small/Medium RAW files
    • Should be able to shoot medium RAW and large JPG
  4. Automatic Sensor Protection When Changing Lenses
    • The shutter should close and remain closed when changing lenses to protect the sensor from dust
  5. Seamless Interface With Apple
    • Sony needs to find a better way to interface with iOS and OSX
    • iPhone/Mac users are very unlikely to use anything else regardless of your features
    • He has to keep an old computer around to update his lenses and camera bodies, which is crazy
    • Imaging Edge isn’t all that great
  6. 1966 Strap Lugs
    • Digital cameras have horrible strap lugs and they should have developed something new over the old style
    • They make a lot of noise and they drive Patrick Nuts

The Sony a9II is a great tool that makes your life easier, but some might benefit more from the cheaper used a9 prices that will come from the introduction of the Sony a9II.

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Sony a9II: B&H Photo / Amazon / Adorama
Sony a9: B&H Photo / Amazon / Adorama

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