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DPRTV: Best Camera For Landscapes

DPRTV published its best cameras for landscape photography at three budgets. You can view the video above or check out their picks below: Under $1000 USD It’s worth considering DSLR’s at this price point due to the number of lenses you can choose from since mirrorless can be limited beyond Fujifilm and Sony. Runner Up […]

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Best Entry Level Mirrorless: Sony a6100, Fujifilm X-T200, Canon EOS M50 Compared

Last time Sony won DPRTV’s best entry-level mirrorless comparison. Things have changed this generation and now Fujifilm wins overall in addition to winning the majority of categories. You can see a summary of the above video below: Handling Canon EOS M50 – feels like a nice quality camera and has the best grip Fujifilm X-T200 […]

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Apotelyt: Sony a6100 vs Fujifilm X-A7

Apotelyt released their Sony a6100 vs Fujifilm X-A7 Comparison, which you can view here. Below are a summary of Apotelyt’s conclusions. Arguments in favor of the Fujifilm X-A7: Larger screen: Has a bigger rear LCD (3.5″ vs 3.0″) for image review and settings control. More detailed LCD: Has a higher resolution rear screen (2760k vs 922k dots). […]

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