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IEDM 2019: Sony 3-Layer Organic+Si Sensor

Image Sensor World spotted a new three-layer stacked organic image sensor from Sony at the 2019 international electron devices meeting. “A three-layer stacked color image sensor was formed using an organic film. The sensor decreases the false color problem as it does not require demosaicing. Furthermore, with the 2.0-μm pixel image sensor, improved spectral characteristics […]

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Sony Organic Sensor Patent Found

A Sony Organic Sensor Patent surfaced, which was recently filed. [Problem] To provide a photoelectric conversion element and an imaging device capable of improving spectral characteristics. [Means for solving] A photoelectric conversion element according to an embodiment of the present disclosure includes a 1 electrode, a 1 electrode opposed to the 2 electrode, and a […]

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IEDM 2019: Sony Presents 48MP All-pixel PDAF, 3-layer Organic, and InGaAs SWIR Sensors, Samsung finFETs for >100MP CIS, Omnivision Voltage Domain GS

Image Sensor World grabbed some details from IEDM 2019 that was accidentally put online earlier but is now removed. Below are the details from the now-removed pos which will be reposted in mid-October:

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