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Lengthy Sony a9 Presentation and Review

The Sony a9 was a game changer when it was announced and still is a game changer today. Neither Canon or Nikon have released a camera capable of taking on this irresponsibly fast camera that sells at a pretty significant discount compared to its competitors. Even better today if you actually need the speed of […]

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Announcement of Free Repair of Some Products of Digital Single-Lens Camera α9 “ILCE-9”

Announcement of free repair of some products of digital single-lens camera α9 “ILCE-9” Thank you very much for your continued patronage of Sony products. In some products of our digital single lens camera α 9 “ILCE – 9”, when a large load is applied when using a large flash (optional) etc attached to a multi […]

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Sony a9 Firmware 2.00

Firmware 2.00 for the Sony a9 brings: Enhancements for Continuous AF performance: Enhanced performance of continuous auto focus on moving subjects Enhanced stability of the AF-C when zooming Added functions for professionals engaged in sports/news media: Adds the function to assign Protecting images to custom Key Adds the function to transfer (FTP) protected files at […]

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How The Sony a9 is Made

Photo gear news gets an interesting look inside Sony’s a9 and Zeiss factory. The modular nature of Sony’s assembly lines that allows for the scaling up or down of production is kind of interesting and it makes me wonder how quickly they can run these lines since they run 24/7. Some issues in this line system […]

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Commlite CM-ENF-E1 Pro Nikon F Mount Lens to Sony E Mount Autofocus Adapter Firmware Version 6 Now Available

The Commlite CM-ENF-E1 and CM-ENF-E1 Pro have received firmware updates with added Sony a9 Support, but if you don’t own a Sony a9 they recommend you use Firmware version 5 for best compatibility. It seems only Pro adapters with version 6 are shipping now from Amazon though.

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Imaging Resource: One More Lengthy Sony Interview Recap

Sony continues their lengthy interview tour with Image Resource. You can find the key points below or read the full interview here. Three executives from Sony took part in this interview Hiroyuki Matsushita, Yasuyuki Nagata and Hirokuni Miyai. Sony isn’t willing to say how long they have been working on the Sony a9. All Sony will reveal […]

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