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DPReview: Sony Real Time Tracking is a Big Leap Foward

DPReview posted an interesting demo of their new real-time tracking system and it’s definitely a leap above cameras at its price point. This system makes me want a Sony a9 again, but I think I will wait for the Sony a9 Mark. For now, my Sony a7RIII will have to do. What makes the new […]

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Sony’s New AI Tracking For a6400 and a9 Firmware Update Demonstration, Guide and More

The Sony a6400 looks like it has very good AF, but even without a firmware update, the Sony a9 does better in my opinion. There are some videos showing off Sony’s new AF system on the a9, but I wonder how fast the Sony a9II will be. We now know that the Sony a9 sensor […]

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Would You Freeze Your Sony a7III?

Sony isn’t known for their weather sealing, but Tony and Chelsey put Sony to the test against the new Olympus OM-D E-M1X and the a7III came away from the testing unscathed. Tony’s extreme brutal testing involved repeatedly spraying the cameras with water in freezing conditions and allowing it to sit for around 20 minutes, after […]

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Sony a9 IMX310 Sensor Supports 16 Bit, Global Reset Shutter, and On-chip Dual Gain HDR 96dB Dynamic Range

Sony held back some of the IMX310 sensor’s power inside of the Sony a9 because the chip is capable of 16-Bit, Global Reset Shutter, and on-chip dual gain HDR 96dB dynamic range. It’s unlikely that Sony will release these features in a future firmware update because they might require additional processing power, but there is a good chance […]

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Apotelyt Sony a9 vs Olympus E-M1X Comparison

Apotelyt added the Olympus OM-D E-M1X to their comparison tool which makes it easy to see how Olympus’ new flagship camera compares to the Sony a9. I think the Olympus E-M1X is going to be great, but Olympus needs to rethink their price point. Below you can see the highlights of how they compare, but for more details […]

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Major Sony a9/a7RIII/a7III Firmware Updates Coming Soon

Sony Announces α9 Camera Upgrade Through Major Firmware Updates New Firmware Releases will Deliver Enhanced Autofocus Performance and New Functionality for Sony’s Acclaimed Full-frame Camera SAN DIEGO — Jan. 15, 2019 — Sony Electronics Inc. today announced a major upgrade to its α9 mirrorless camera that will be available via a firmware update. Sony’s revolutionary […]

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