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All Huawei P30 Cameras Made by Sony

The Huawei P30 Pro that is topping DXO Mark’s mobile sensor rankings is made by Sony according to EETimes. Sony continues topping the sensor market at all sensor sizes and we might see these sensors in a future iPhone. “Separating Huawei P30 Pro, more than anything else though, is its use of quad cameras. The new smartphone […]

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Sony RXO II Registered in Korea

After our previous Sony RX0 Mark II leak, Nokishita has found the camera registered in Korea, so expect an announcement soon. via Nokishita

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Updated: Sony Registered a New Fix Lens RX Camera The WW 151602 and New Camera in 2019

Sony registered a new fixed camera the WW 151602 which is most likely an RX camera due to the Sony NP-BJ1 inside. WW 151602 Digital camera Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed Battery: NP-BJ 1 AC adapter: AC-UUD 12 Nokishita update: It was rumored that Sony will announce one model of the RX 0 series and at least another […]

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Sony is Working on XEVC Based on H.265 (HEVC) Version 2 For 8k

EOSHD leaked the first look at Sony’s new XEVC codec and it looks very promising and it includes 12-bit 4k and 12-bit 8k 4:4:4 capabilities. Even 1080p is getting a boost up to 240fps 10-bit. This H.265 based codec should double image quality. This codec should appear first on a future Sony FS7 or even the Sony a7SIII which […]

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Sony IMX607 Sensor

DeviceSpecifications has some documents for a new rumored Sony sensor for smartphones. It is a 1/8-inch 38MP sensor which could lead to substantial improvements in smartphone photography. The new sensor will have some interesting features beyond resolution: Quad Pixel Phase Detect AF (QP2DAF) Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) 24fps speed at full resolution Dual sensor synchronization […]

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The New 36 Megapixel 8k IMX435AQJ Sensor Spec Sheet Leaked

The product information pages for the IMX435AQJ were sent to me today and the new sensor looks pretty Amazing. If it ends up in a Sony a7SIII than the new a7S will be a very appealing camera to photographers and videographers alike. Let’s hope we see this sensor in a camera soon. Be sure to follow us […]

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