ON1 Resize AI

ON1 Resize AI
ON1, creators of ON1 Photo RAW & a line of professional photo editing software for photographers, announce a new application for increasing image resolution, ON1 Resize AI, coming this April. Its predecessor ON1 Resize (formerly Genuine Fractals), has been the industry standard for photo enlargements for over 20 years.

ON1 Resize AI, the next-generation photo enlargement software, promises to give photographers even better results and the highest quality photo enlargements using state-of-the-art AI technology. This all-new super-resolution technology will allow customers and any photographer to enlarge photos while quickly maintaining and recovering an incredible amount of detail and sharpness.

“It’s simply amazing. We’ve been working on this project for quite a while, and everyone will be flat out amazed at how big they can make their photos. I’m still in awe of the results I can get using ON1 Resize AI,” says Dan Harlacher, VP of Product.

Existing methods of photo enlargement, or interpolation, make up new pixels or resolution by copying those around them, which often leads to enlarged photos with less detail, soft edges, and more noise. ON1 Resize AI uses deep machine learning to study different details we see in the world, whether natural textures like tree bark, animal fur, feathers, grass, leaves, rock, and skin to man-made textures like concrete, fabric, or brick. Studying millions of examples of the everyday world will allow the software to upscale photos and their textures to virtually any size, leaving photographers with ultra-high resolution images.

Price and Availability
ON1 Resize AI is available today to pre-order as an individual plugin and standalone application for $99.99. ON1 Resize AI will also be part of the ON1 Professional Plugin Bundle, which includes five of ON1’s professional plugins that work with photo editing applications like Lightroom, Photoshop, Capture One, and more for $149.99. Resize AI will also be available inside ON1 Photo RAW 2022 in a future update.

The official release date of ON1 Resize AI will be announced in the coming weeks, and the ON1 team expects it to be released in April. Owners of ON1 Photo RAW 2022 will get the fully integrated ON1 Resize AI in the next free update for Photo RAW soon after the release of Resize AI. Anyone who owns the individual product, ON1 Resize 2022, will also receive ON1 Resize AI as a free update. Finally, subscribers to ON1 Photo RAW will also receive the fully integrated Resize AI in Photo RAW AND the plugin for free as part of their plans.

Key Features

  • Crisp Details — ON1 Resize AI upscales your photo to the desired size and sharpens the final details incredibly well. Great examples are seen in photos with tiny hairs or feathers.
  • Creating Large Prints — At its core, making stunning poster-sized prints is where ON1 Resize AI excels. Easily crop to the paper size, AI-resize the photo with the ultimate detail, and then print it directly or save the file to send to a photo lab.
  • Ultra-Resolution — Crop a portion of your photo and still have amazing quality and detail. It can equate to having a longer lens without the expense or weight.
  • Breathe New Life into Old Photos — With older files and photos, the size and quality do not compare to what is available today. ON1 Resize AI allows for remastering old images and making them larger, sharper, and cleaner than ever before.
  • Reduce JPG Artifacts — Whether over-compressed and even small photos, ON1 Resize AI can reduce the JPG compression artifacts while creating new details, leading to an increase in resolution and higher quality upscaled images.
  • Upscale Video Stills — Use Resize AI on a still frame captured from your video editor to create high-quality prints.
  • Create Gallery Wraps — ON1 Resize AI’s unique gallery wrap feature can add reflected or stretched wings to the edge of your photo so you can make a gallery wrap without losing any image area.
  • Tiling — Divide the photo into tiles or strips to make it easier to print a mural. You control the size of the tiles and how much they overlap for trimming.
  • Batch Processing – The powerful batch-processing engine in ON1 Resize AI lets you enlarge a group of photos and control how they are named, what file type they are, where to save them, their metadata, and add watermarks.
  • Fill the Page — Your camera’s size or aspect ratio often doesn’t fit your printer. In these cases, recomposing or cropping the photo is necessary to fill the page. Other apps make this more difficult as you need to consider the size of paper and resolution so you can crop and resize simultaneously. ON1 Resize AI combines these functions, making it easy to fill the page in a single step.
  • Easier Printing — When it comes to preparing your photo to print, knowing the proper resolution for your printer and the correct amount of sharpening for your paper choice can be daunting. ON1 Resize AI’s built-in presets make this a breeze. Pick the kind of printer, the type of paper, and the size.
  • Softproofing— View a simulation of how your image will look when printed based on specific printer and paper profiles.
  • Works as a Plugin — ON1 Resize AI works as a standalone application and plugin from many popular photography apps like Lightroom, Photoshop, Capture One, Affinity Photo, Apple Photos, and Corel Paintshop Pro.
  • Powerful Workflow Integration — Resize AI goes beyond the average plugins. In CaptureOne and Lightroom you can batch process easily with powerful new resizing options. And in Adobe Photoshop it can handle layered files with masks, alpha channels, text, and adjustment layers in RGB as well as CMYK, Grayscale and LAB. This makes it perfect for not just photographers, but also graphic artists and print agencies.
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