Tamron 70-180mm f/2.8 Di III VXD (Model A056) Announced and Orders Start

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Large aperture F / 2.8 zoom lens series third installment for-less full-size mirror
the world’s smallest and lightest  large aperture telephoto zoom lens which realizes high-speed AF in the body

“ 70-180mm F / 2.8 Di III VXD (Model A056) ”

Tamron Co., Ltd. (President: Shiro Ajizaka, headquarters: Saitama City), a comprehensive optical equipment manufacturer, has developed a 70-180mm F / 2.8 Di, a large-diameter telephoto zoom lens for Sony E-mount compatible with 35mm full-size mirrorless single-lens camera. III VXD (Model A056) ”(hereinafter Model A056). Initially, it was planned to be released in Japan in late April 2020. However, in light of the effects of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), it was released on May 14, 2020. Depending on the future situation, there may be a delay in reviewing the release timing and supply.

Model A056 adopts the same filter diameter of φ67mm as 17-28mm F / 2.8 (Model A046) and 28-75mm F / 2.8 (Model A036), which are popular in the market, and achieves small size and light weight. By using special glass materials luxuriously, high definition performance can be achieved, and the extremely short minimum shooting distance of 0.85m expands the range of shooting expression. The newly developed linear motor focus mechanism VXD (Voice-coil eXtreme-torque Drive), which has excellent quietness and agility, is used for AF drive to realize unprecedented high-speed and high-precision AF. By adopting a floating system that moves two VXDs simultaneously by electronic control, it provides clear and beautiful imaging performance from close to distant views. In addition, functions to support comfortable shooting are enhanced, such as adopting a simple drip-proof structure for outdoor shooting and an anti-fouling coat that is hard to get dirty and easy to maintain. In addition, it also supports various camera functions such as “Fast Hybrid AF” and “Hitomi AF” installed on Sony cameras. Developed based on the concept of “enjoying large-aperture telephoto zoom lenses more easily”, this one, which excels in practicality and mobility, can enjoy shooting various scenes from portraits to landscape photos. . With this, along with the leading large-aperture zoom lenses 17-28mm F / 2.8 Di III RXD (Model A046) and 28-75mm F / 2.8 Di III RXD (Model A036), Tamron’s large-size mirrorless Three F / 2.8 zoom lenses are available.

Product name 70-180mm F / 2.8 Di III VXD (Model A056)
Release date * May 14, 2020
* Due to the effects of the new type of coronavirus infection (COVID-19), the sale may be delayed or the supply may be delayed.
Suggested retail price 150,000 yen (excluding tax)

* For F / 2.8 AF telephoto zoom lens compatible with 35mm full size. (As of March 2020. According to Tamron)

Product features

  1. Compact lens body that maximizes the mobility of mirrorless cameras

    The Model A056 has a focal length on the telephoto side of 180 mm and a variable length zoom mechanism to improve portability and convenience. In addition, by utilizing the anti-vibration mechanism in the camera body, a surprisingly small and lightweight size has been achieved despite being a bright high-performance lens with an open F / 2.8 aperture (filter diameter φ67mm, maximum diameter φ81mm, length 149mm). (At 70mm), weight 810g). With this mobility, you can fully enjoy hand-held shooting with a high degree of freedom. Tamron’s commitment to achieving both high image quality and compactness is one of the whole things he created in response to the demands of the new digital age.

  2. Newly developed VXD linear motor focus mechanism that realizes high-speed and high-precision AF

    For AF drive, Tamron has newly developed and installed a linear motor focus mechanism VXD (Voice-coil eXtreme-torque Drive), the first of its kind. It achieves both high-speed operation and control in 0.005mm units, which is 1/10 or less of one hair, and boasts unprecedented high-speed and high-precision AF. In addition, this lens employs a floating system that electronically controls the two VXDs. It provides clear and beautiful depiction performance from close to distant views, and contributes to miniaturization and weight reduction. Because it is also very quiet, it can be used with less noise even when quietness is required. In addition, the ability to focus on sports and vehicles, which often becomes the main subject in telephoto zoom lenses, has been greatly improved. You can enjoy high-precision shooting without stress when shooting video as well as still images.

  3. High image quality without compromise

    The lens configuration is 19 elements in 14 groups. We use six XLD (eXtra Low Dispersion) lenses and LD (Low Dispersion) lenses in total, and three GM (glass molded aspherical) lenses and composite aspherical lenses. By arranging the special glass lens luxuriously and appropriately, the chromatic aberration is suppressed from the center of the screen to every corner, and extremely high resolution performance is exhibited. In addition, this lens uses a BBAR-G2 (Broad-Band Anti-Reflection Generation 2) coating, which suppresses ghosting and flare, and allows the details of the subject to be drawn precisely even in backlight conditions. Enables overwhelming dropouts and clear images. For distortion and peripheral light, the camera’s correction function is actively used to achieve uniform high image quality from full aperture throughout the zoom range. In addition, the bokeh when shooting at a bright F-number is also soft and smooth. Please experience Tamron’s ideal “Compatibility between compactness and high image quality” from the image quality side.

  4. Filter diameter φ67mm unified in the full size mirrorless series

    The filter diameter is φ67mm, which is the same as our full-size mirrorless series, such as the preceding ultra-wide-angle zoom lens 17-28mm F / 2.8 (Model A046) and standard zoom lens 28-75mm F / 2.8 (Model A036). It has become. Even when using multiple interchangeable lenses, the burden on filter work such as ND filters and PL filters is greatly reduced. In addition, since the front cap is also common, there is no need to search for caps with different diameters when changing lenses, which also helps to reduce stress when shooting.

  5. Achieved a minimum shooting distance of 0.85m

    The shortest shooting distance of this lens is a surprising 0.85m (the entire zoom range) for a large-aperture telephoto zoom lens. Because the shortest shooting distance is short, especially at the telephoto end of 180 mm, powerful shooting with a maximum shooting magnification of 1: 4.6 is possible. In addition, in order to suppress various aberrations more efficiently, a floating mechanism equipped with two sets of linear motor focus mechanism “VXD” is adopted. As a result, good image quality is maintained even for short-distance shooting up to 0.85m.

    Only when the camera is set to manual focus (MF), shooting in the “close area” of 0.27 m on the 70 mm side is possible. However, it is difficult to focus on the surrounding area because the image quality deteriorates.
    See the support page for details. http://www.tamron.jp/support/guide/closeup.html

  6. Simple drip-proof structure, anti-fouling coat, and zoom lock mechanism to support comfortable shooting

    Seals for drip-proof are arranged at the main parts such as the movable part and the joint part of the lens barrel, and it has a simple drip-proof structure that makes it difficult for water to enter the inside of the lens. In addition, an antifouling coat made of a fluorine compound with excellent water and oil repellency is mounted on the front surface of the lens. It is easy to wipe off dirt such as water drops and hand grease, and maintenance is easy. In addition, the use of a zoom lock mechanism prevents self-weight drop when carrying.

  7. Compatible with main camera functions

    ・ Fast Hybrid AF
    ・ Eye Eye AF
    ・ Direct Manual Focus (DMF)
    ・ In-camera lens correction (peripheral light intensity, chromatic aberration of magnification, distortion)
    ・ Firmware firmware update by camera

    ※ Various functions vary depending on each camera. For details, refer to the camera’s instruction manual. (As of January 2020)

  8. Completed a lineup of three models of large-diameter zoom lenses for full-size mirrorless

    The ultra-wide-angle zoom lens 17-28mm F / 2.8 (Model A046) and the standard zoom lens 28-75mm F / 2.8 (Model A036), which are popular as easy-to-use and high-quality E-mount compatible large-aperture zoom lenses, With the addition of this lens, which is a telephoto zoom, three large-aperture zoom lenses for full-size mirrorless cameras are now available. The greatest feature of this series is its high portability. The total weight is 1,780 g, which is astonishingly light even with the three lenses combined, fulfilling the dream of “carry three large-diameter ultra-wide-angle, standard, telephoto zoom lenses casually and enjoy full-scale shooting”. You.


Model name A056
Focal length 70-180mm
Brightness F / 2.8
Angle of view (diagonal angle of view) 34 ° 21′-13 ° 42 ‘
<when ​​using a 35mm full-size mirrorless interchangeable- lens camera>
Lens configuration 19 pieces in 14 groups
Minimum shooting distance 0.85m at AF (entire zoom range), 0.27m at MF (WIDE) / 0.85m (TELE) *
Maximum shooting magnification 1: 4.6 for AF, 1: 2 (WIDE) for MF / 1: 4.6 (TELE) *
Filter diameter Φ67mm
Maximum diameter Φ81mm
length** 149mm
mass 810g
Aperture blade 9 sheets (circular aperture) ***
Minimum aperture F / 22
Standard accessories Flower-shaped hood, lens cap
Compatible mount For Sony E mount

* Only when the camera is set to manual focus (MF), shooting in the “close area” of 0.27 m on the 70 mm side is possible. However, it is difficult to focus on the surrounding area because the image quality deteriorates.
** Length = from lens tip to mounting surface.
*** Maintains an almost circular aperture shape from full aperture down to two stops down.

Specifications, appearance, performance, etc. are subject to change without notice.

This product is developed, manufactured and sold based on the licensed E-mount specifications under a license agreement with Sony Corporation.

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