SF-G series TOUGH (Tough) Cards Officially Announced

Released SD card “SF-G series TOUGH (Tough) specification” with excellent robustness, waterproof * 1 , dustproof * 2 which can withstand hard operating environment

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~ The world’s fastest * 3 writing (299 MB / s) and reading (300 MB / s) possible ~
SF-G series TOUGH (tough) specification
“SF-G32T” (32GB), “SF-G64T” (64GB), “SF-G128T” (128GB)

Sony will release the SD card “SF-G Series TOUGH (Tough) Specification” equipped with excellent robustness and waterproof * 1 and dustproof * 2,which can withstand hard operating environments . In addition to protecting shooting data from impacts such as breakage and falling due to frequent insertion and removal of SD cards at the shooting site, it is possible to shoot reliably even in rugged natural environment with rainy weather and dust. In addition to this, you can write and read the world’s fastest * 3 , you can use it for various purposes including professional use that requires high performance and reliability.

Model name Release date price
SDXC / SDHC UHS-II Memory Card
SF-G Series TOUGH (Tough) Specification
“SF-G32T” (32 GB), “SF-G 64 T” (64 GB) October 20 Open price
“SF – G 128 T” (128 GB) November 24

Along with the high performance of digital single lens cameras, continuous shooting at high speed and high resolution and high resolution movie shooting such as 4K have become popular, and the writing speed and reading speed of the SD card are increasing. Also, from professionals who require reliable photography even under various circumstances, such as photographing at a report site that is severely affected by natural environment and time, a more robust and reliable SD card is desired. Inherited from the world’s fastest * 3 writing speed of 299 MB / s and reading speed 300 MB / s realized with the SD card “SF-G series”, this product is the first in the industry to use high hardness materials * 4 the card inside of the parts and the exterior by adopting an integrated molded monolithic structure, the bending strength is 18 times the SD card standard ※ 5 fall resistance and 5M ※ 6 has achieved excellent fastness properties such as. Protects shooting data from shocks such as breakage and fall due to frequent insertion and removal of SD cards at the shooting site, such as news reports and others. In addition, by being completely sealed by adopting a monolithic structure, we realized a waterproof * 1 water depth of 5 m and a dustproof * 2 which does not invade dust . In addition, it adopts the new SD card standard (ribless specification * 7 ) which lost ribs and write protect switch for the first time in the industry, it prevents sudden shooting trouble caused by rib breakage and switch breakage, and can continue shooting with confidence . This product also supports electrostatic resistance, X-ray resistance (compliant with ISO 7816-1), temperature resistance, antimagnetic property, UV guard equivalent to “SF-G series”.

This product combines excellent fastness, waterproofness * 1 , dustproof * 2 , high speed continuous shooting with high performance single lens reflex camera etc and the world’s fastest writing speed * 3 and reading speed , You can let the camera shooting function to the utmost by not missing the shutter opportunity in every scene.
Sony will continue to propose new value with memory card products.

* 1:JIS / IEC protection class equivalent to IPX 8 (according to our test conditions). It is confirmed that there is no problem in operation even if placed in water at a depth of 5 m / 72 h.
* 2:JIS / IEC protection class IP 6X compliant
* 3: As aconsumer SDXC / SDHC UHS-II memory card. Equivalent to our own model SD card “SF-G series” released in 2017. Investigation by Sony (as announced on 3 October 2018).
* 4: This is the first time for a 2.1 mm thick standard size SD memory card. Search by Sony.
* 5:The bending test of 180 N is cleared (according to the test condition of SD standard).
* 6:Drop test from height of 5 m has been cleared (according to our test conditions).
* 7:SD Association Standard Size SD Card Mechanical Addendum 6.0 compliant.

Main features
1. Excellent robustness, waterproof * 1 , dustproof * 2 achieved

Robustness : In addition to the use of high hardness materials, by adopting the monolithic structure integrally molded parts and exterior of the card inside, which is the first in the industry * 4 , it is possible to achieve a bending strength * 5 that is 18 times higher than that of the SD card standard , We realized drop tolerance * 6 that does not break even if it falls from a height of 5 m . It reduces the risk of breakage due to falling etc. at the shooting site frequently when inserting / removing the SD card. In addition, the industry’s first * 4 “Libreless specification” * 7 is adopted. By eliminating the terminal ribs and the write protect switch which were at risk of being damaged in the conventional SD card, it prevents the writing trouble due to these breakage beforehand.

Waterproof * 1 Dustproof * 2 : By adopting a monolithic structure, we realized complete sealing that water and dust do not penetrate into the inside of the SD card, so waterproof performance * 1 with depth of 5 m and dust-proof performance * 2 has been achieved. You can shoot reliably not only in rainy weather and waterfront shooting records but also in dusty shooting environments.

2. World’s fastest * 3 writing and reading speed
The world’s fastest ※ 3 by the write speed 299MB / s, with maximize the continuous shooting performance of the UHS-II support of high-performance digital single-lens reflex camera, can reduce the buffer memory open time, even when repeating the continuous shooting, High speed performance of continuous shooting can be maintained for a long time, and you can shoot without missing a decisive moment. Corresponds to the top level of the standard “video speed class” for video shooting, V 90. Support stable recording of high quality video.
Also, with a reading speed of 300 MB / s, it is possible to shorten the backup time of the shooting data to the PC, contributing to the efficiency of the shooting workflow.

SD Scan Utility software to diagnose flash memory status
Every time this product is inserted into the personal computer, we will automatically diagnose the state of the flash memory and provide free download of PC software which will display the message when approaching the upper limit of the number of times of rewriting. This prevents troubles that the SD card can not write unexpectedly because it reaches the upper limit of rewrite count during shooting.

File Recovery Software “Memory Card File Rescue”
Restore erased image data * 8 Provide free software for PC software. Corresponds to restoration of RAW images, MOV movies, XAVC S movies, etc. and protects important photography data.

* 8:Restoration is not guaranteed for all data.

Main Specifications

Model name “SF-G32T” “SF-G64T” “SF-G128T”
capacity 32 GB 64 GB 128 GB
Reading speed Maximum 300 MB / s (UHS-II)
Write speed Up to 299 MB / s (UHS-II)
Bus interface UHS-II
Media format SDHC SDXC
Speed Class Class 10 (SD speed class) Class 3 (UHS speed class)
V 90 (video speed class)
Operating temperature -25 to 85 ° C (no condensation)
Size (W × L × T) 24 x 32 x 2.1 mm
mass Approximately 2 g
accessories Silicone case
Supplied software SD Scan Utility, Memory Card File Rescue

Market estimate price (excluding consumption tax)

SD card
“SF-G32T” (32GB) Around 14,000 yen
“SF-G64T” (64 GB) About 20,000 yen
“SF – G 128 T” (128 GB) Around 40,000 yen

*“Market Estimated Price” is the one that the Company estimated the selling price in the market for products before the release.
The actual selling price of the product is determined by each dealer.
Product names mentioned are registered trademarks or trademarks of Sony Corporation and each company.

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