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New Sony ZV1 White Announced and Preorders Start

Sony just announced a white Sony ZV-1 and it certainly has a unique look. You can get yours on B&H Photo / Amazon / Adorama Follow SonyAddict on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube Plus our owners’ groups Sony a9 Owners Group Sony a7 Owners Group

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DPR: Sony ZV-1 Review – Gets The Gold

Sony received yet another Gold Award from DPR in their recent review, which you can read here. Above and below are their findings, but it looks like the Sony ZV-1 is yet another great camera from Sony. The ZV-1 is a unique camera with a very specific style of user in mind – and its […]

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Vlogging DPRTV: Sony ZV1 vs Panasonic G100 vs iPhoneXR

DPRTV is doing a barebones Sony ZV1 vs Panasonic G100 vs Smart Phones comparison with no accessories involved to see how they compare. Audio Quality iPhone XR – Does a good job focusing on your audio SonyZV1 – nice starting kit out of the box Panasonic G100 – tinny-sounding Video Quality SonyZV1 – ND filter […]

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Sony Gyro Stabilization Explained: Sony a7SIII, ZV-1, RX0, and FX9

Sony started to add post-recording stabilization using gyroscopic data to their line up which started with cameras like the Sony FX9 and later became available in the RX0, ZV-1, and a7SIII. It’s an interesting technology that could show up in other cameras with a firmware update later since stabilized cameras all work pretty much the […]

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TCSTV: Sony Z-V1 vs Panasonic G100

Vlogging cameras might become a new camera category or vloggers might stick with cameras that have selfie screens. Either way the Sony Z-V1 and Panasonic G100 are the first cameras released by major camera manufacturers specifically for vlogging. Sure each has cameras that can be used for vlogging, but vlogging was more of a feature […]

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DPRTV: Sony ZV-1 Review – Being Beautiful With Jordan and The Ultimate Vlogging Camera

DPRTV posted its Sony ZV-1 Review today kicking it off with being beautiful with Jordan. The Sony ZV-1 certainly looks like an impressive camera for vloggers at a decent price point for now. Below is a summary of the above video: Product showcase mode works well as demoed in the into with being beautiful with […]

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