Profoto A1 Coming to Sony in 2018

Profoto announced the Profoto A1 a few days ago without any mention of Sony support, which surprised many. You can tell from their response on social media. Yet, Profoto has taken the time to respond to many commenters that the Profoto A1 will be coming in 2018 for Sony cameras. So if you must have their latest and greatest $995 flash for your Sony camera Profoto hasn’t forgotten you.

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  • TinusVerdino

    Peter trying to emulate Andrea. Sorry little man!

  • Jim Kiefer

    i have heard that native sony flashes aren’t good (shut down issues) and slow recycle. this would help make a switch to sony easier

    • A lot of First party flashes have gotten crappy in recent years. Nikon and Canon have really gone down hill too. Godox makes some awesome stuff for the price, but Profoto is obviously a lot of photographers go to flash.

    • Joe Freedom

      Godox tt685s works just fine with no issues or you can get the v860ii for faster recycle times that beat those of the OEM units from canon and nikon.