Image Resource Interview Kenji Tanaka

Image Resource interviewed Kenji Tanaka head of Sony’s ILC Camera business.

  • Some sensors are reserved for Sony (Maybe this is why no one else is using their 42MP Full Frame sensor)
  • Sony invested billions in sensor technology and lenses
  • The Full Frame market is the most stable, but Sony wants to grow it slowly
  • “Before 42 megapixels… nobody needed such a resolution……but right now, people enjoy 42-megapixel cameras.”
  • “Now we are focused on three essential factors. One is of course the resolution, and another is the sensitivity, and third is the speed.”
  • Sports shooters target one millisecond in time so they might enjoy shooting 100-120fps
  • There is room for AF speed and intelligence improvement
  • Nikon/Canon use two systems for AF so their system can’t be intelligent. Our system can be intelligent because our sensor manages the AF.
  • AF and Exposure could benefit from Intelligence (AI)
  • The real advantage of mirrorless is direct information not the lack of a mirror.
  • An early problem with mirrorless was getting the data off the chip fast enough. Now the problem is interpreting all the data.
  • Sony a7RII mainly brought in customers form other systems, but Sony hopes to grow the ILC market beyond current DSLR/ILC users.
  • “I have said, too, that amateurs, people who don’t consider themselves photographers, like moms and dads, they need more advanced technology than the pros, because they’re the ones who more than anything need smart cameras and intelligent sensors. So maybe that will come.”
  • Full frame is their primary area
  • The price difference between Full Frame and APS-C could get closer together with time.
  • “I want to show our technology. The technology can change the future. Right now, I think American people still think the DSLR structure with mirror and shutter is best. But the technology can change that kind of way. And I think only Sony can do it. So I want to explain why the future is changing. And sensor is one aspect, and the lens is another one. Of course, intelligence is another aspect, but there are many technologies we have, so these things I want to tell your users. And of course [by combining] these technologies we create new cameras. So I want to show you the new camera…mirrorless can take a photo that the even professional DSLRs couldn’t capture.”

Image resource removed the interview so I linked to the cached edition if you want to read the full interview. It’s pretty long, but it sounds like Sony has a lot coming soon. Maybe he said too much and they pulled the interview….

Via Image Resource, Cache



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  • Luis Bonetti

    “Nikon/Canon use two systems for AF so their system can’t be intelligent. Our system can be intelligent because our sensor manages the AF.” Sony Cameras AF are so Intelligent that they dominated every sport event. NOT

  • animalsbybarry

    I asked Dave why the post was taken down
    This is the answer I was given

    “Dave Etchells animalsbybarry an hour ago
    Big-time snafu on my part, apologies to everyone… 🙁
    I’d said I’d give them a look before posting to make sure I got everything right (we typically do a good bit of paraphrasing, to make the Japanese English read smoothly, take out verbal tics, even on my end, etc), but then then completely spaced on it, thanks to 13 hours of jet lag and 3+ weeks of major sleep deprivation leading up to it (I’d been in Japan with a very busy schedule for 2 weeks before jetting off to Thailand).
    Probably no big changes, but **extremely** rude on my part, after saying I’d send it to them first 🙁 It’d be bad enough if I did this with a US exec, but an even bigger affront for the Japanese. I feel really bad, both for the Sony people and also for our readers. I thought that replacing the interview with a place-holder would only make an even bigger deal out of it. Maybe I should have done that, but still think this way is probably better overall. No path forward that’s actually good, just hoping for the least-bad. I’m hoping everyone will give us a break on this, not read more into it than there is.
    Bottom line, a huge screw-up on my part; apologies all around. We should have an updated version posted Monday or Tuesday, after they’ve had a chance to look at it and get back to us. So sorry, to everyone, thanks for understanding… :-(“

  • Seems fair…

  • Wilson

    As a sport shooter I have to agree that I might enjoy shooting at 100-120 frames per second.. I think I may need some larger hard drives though, also I think Sony needs to really up their lens collection if this is the direction they’re headed, things are looking up