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DPReview Finished Their Sony RX100 V Review

DPReview finished their review of the Sony RX100 V and I’m a bit surprised it only received a Silver Award. The Sony RX100 series has always been amazing for it’s size. I’m of the opinion that they were a bit unfair about it’s short comings e.g. “Not so good for Sports photographers who will want […]

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Sony PhotoPlus Expo 2016 Coverage

Cameta visited the Sony booth at PhotoPlus to ask about the new Sony a6500, RX100 V, and a99 Mark II. It sounds like Sony is going to refresh some of their A-mount lenses from the interviews I have come across lately, but there isn’t anything definitively announced yet. Maybe we will see some new glass […]

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Sony RX100 V 5.5k Video

Newsshooter created several 5.5k videos with the Sony RX100 V for videophiles to pick apart. Unfortunately when these videos were created they did not know that the camera would need to be setup with a shutter speed faster than 1/100th of a second to achieve 24fps so these clips are only roughly around 17fps because of the […]

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Mirrorlessons Sony RX100 V and Sony a6500 Release Analysis

I haven’t felt the need to replace my original Sony RX100 until now. The new AF system in the Sony RX100 V and 4k video quality has just about convinced me to finally upgrade. Mirrorlessons makes some of my favorite early videos for camera analysis and this camera seems like a speed demon, I can’t wait to try one.

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DigitalRev and Mirrorlessons Go Hands-On The Sony RX100 V and a6500

DigitalRev goes hands-on with the Sony RX100 V and a6500 with Kai. I am surprised I didn’t hear Kai on the Newsshooter heat test video since he was in the room when they tested for overheating. Kai also says there is no VF black out, which is good news. Mirrorlessons was also there and according to their talk with […]

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Cinima5D Hands-On Sony RX100 V and A6500

Cinima5D is spending a lot of time focused on the new Sony RX100 V and a6500. In the video above they show off the Sony RX100 V’s seemingly complete lack of rolling shutter when filming, which is one of the big advantages of small sensor/fast processor cameras. I wonder how well it will do with […]

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