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A Tail of Two Cameras – Sony a7R and Leica M

Long-time readers know that I started blogging about photography at Leicarumors where I did reviews and attended meetings with Leica before diving into Fujifilm, Sony, and 43. At that time the Sony a7RII was a very hot camera and the Leica M9 was very popular too, but it had very limited useful high ISO and […]

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DPR: Sony a7IV Studio Scene Test

The Sony a7IV has been added to DPReview’s studio scene test which you can view for yourself here. It looks like Sony’s new 33MP sensor has pretty good noise performance, but sensor performance has started to equalize in the noise department this year with almost all sensors above 24MP performing very similarly to Sony’s best […]

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Sony a7RIVa Firmware 1.10 Released

The revised Sony a7RIVa just received its first firmware update 1.10. The update is just for stability and you can download it here. Benefits and Improvements Improves the overall stability and performance of the camera Sony a7RIVa: B&H Photo / Amazon / Momentum / Adorama Follow SonyAddict on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube Plus our owners’ groups Sony a1 […]

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DPRTV: Do Megapixels Matter For Low Light?

DPRTV made an interesting comparison between the Sony a7RIV at 61MP and the Sony a7SIII at 12MP to compare noise performance in low light and the results might surprise you if you do not print your photos. In shorts, noise performance tends to become equal or even worse with the lower megapixel camera when printing, […]

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Sony a7RIVa and Sony a7RIIIa Coming June 4th

Nokishita is reporting that the Sony a7RIIIa and Sony a7RIVa refresh will be shipping on June 4th. Reservations will start on May 17th for 361,900 yen ($3311.10 USD) and 438,900 yen ($4015.59 USD). I expect the prices will be more in line with the cameras they are replacing though. The Sony a7RIIIa actually has the […]

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Sony a7RV Specs Leak? and Sony a7RIV Discounted

The Sony a7RIV isn’t very old, but it is currently discounted at B&H Photo and Sony doesn’t really have a fixed release schedule so these leaked Sony a7RV specs could be real. Sony also refreshed the Sony a7RIV and a7RIII so the discount just might be to clear out the non-Sony a7RIVa and a7RIIIa cameras […]

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