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Sony A-Mount Death Seems to Be Confirmed

We first published the quiet death of A-mount here which was reported by many sites without credit. Now DPRTV is doubling down on the death of A-mount with a little history lesson about Sony buying Minolta. There are still a few a99II bodies on Amazon if you’re interested, but it is highly unlikely Sony will […]

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Sony Quietly Ends A-Mount

When Sony announced the Sony Alpha a99II they claimed that A-mount would be around for years to come and would still be supported by Sony, but it looks like that support has come to an end with the a99II being quietly discontinued. I would have liked to have picked one up on closeout since there […]

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Water Housing for Sony Alpha 99 Mark II α99 II A99 Mk II

Water Housing for Sony Alpha 99 Mark II α99 II A99 Mk II The C2100 kit includes: an extremely durable, impact resistant polyurethane resin water housing, an acrylic back plate with access to your DSLR’s essential controls, a pistol grip equipped with a proprietary dual-stage autofocus trigger which allows precise control of your lens focus, […]

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Photons to Photos Nikon D850 vs Sony a7R2, a99M2, a9 and Canon 5DSR

The Nikon D850 managed to move more towards the top of the pack since Photons to Photos finalized their numbers, but the Sony a7R2/Sony a99M2 still best the Nikon slightly. You probably won’t notice the difference between the dynamic range of the images these cameras produce, but the Sony chip is pretty old now and […]

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Sony a99 Mark II: Great, But Neglected

Darren Shimabuku had a lot of problems on his recent shoot, but his Sony a99 Mark II wasn’t one of them. Of all the new Sony cameras the Sony a99 Mark II is the most neglected online even though it is quite a capable camera. In many ways, it’s a better value than the Sony […]

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CameraStoreTV: Sony a99 Mark II

Camera Store TV finally got around to reviewing the Sony a99 Mark II and they still aren’t sure that Sony is going to continue supporting A-mount after this camera since the release of the Sony a9. I would have to agree with them, that the Sony a9 as a proof of consept basicly brings mirrorless […]

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