Announcement of release of CFexpress™ Type A memory card NX-A1PRO series/NX-A1SE series

Announcement of release of CFexpress™ Type A memory card NX-A1PRO series/NX-A1SE series
Nextorage Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Katsuyuki Honda, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture) has announced that it will release the CFexpress™ Type A memory card NX-A1PRO series and NX-A1SE series from December 16, 2023. i will let you know.

■NX-A1PRO series
・Best-in-class read speed up to 950 MB/s, write speed up to 950 MB/s [1] [2]
・Minimum continuous writing speed of 850 MB/s [1] [2]
・Achieve stable high-speed continuous shooting and video shooting using unique low power consumption technology
・VPG400 compatible

■NX-A1SE series
・Best-in-class read max. 950 MB/s[1], write max. 950 MB/s[1]
・High-capacity lineup that supports long-term video recording

– Compatible with VPG200
We are releasing the CFexpress Type A memory card to meet the needs for recording videos and still images at the highest image quality in the photography and video industry, where image quality and definition are increasing as camera performance evolves. .

CFexpress Type A memory cards have been added to the existing SD memory card and CFexpress Type B memory card products, expanding the product portfolio for professional imaging. We will expand our consumer product lineup to meet the photography needs of even more customers.

NX-A1PRO series: CFexpress Type A memory card for professional users who handle high-speed continuous shooting and high bit rate videos
・Best-in-class write/read speed
It achieves a maximum transfer speed of 950 MB/s for both write and read, which is the highest level in its class, and a minimum sustained write speed of 850 MB/s. [1] [2] Increases the number of continuous shots that can be taken during high-speed continuous shooting, and further shortens the buffer memory release time. This reduces the chance of missing a shot at the moment you want to aim for.

・Unique low power consumption technology “Dynamic Auto Power Save” that stabilizes video shooting
Equipped with Nextorage’s unique low power consumption technology “Dynamic Auto Power Save”, it reduces power consumption by up to 88% [1] compared to the case without it.

In addition to reducing power consumption during video recording, it also suppresses thermal throttling* by suppressing the temperature rise of the card body. (*Thermal throttling: A control function that attenuates the transfer speed to prevent thermal runaway.)

This enables stable video recording.

It also reduces camera battery consumption, contributing to extending the available shooting time. [1]

・VPG400 compliant required for professional video shooting
Compliant with video performance guarantee VPG400 (minimum sustained write speed guaranteed: 400 MB/s) at all capacities. It has the specifications required for professional video shooting.

・A wide range of capacities to suit various applications
The lineup includes 80 GB and 160 GB capacities for high-speed continuous shooting of still images, and high capacity 320 GB and 640 GB capacities for video shooting. [3]

Furthermore, for professional users who have not yet used CFexpress Type A.

We want you to experience the performance of CFexpress Type A, so we have prepared an affordable 40 GB model.

There is a lineup of capacities that can be selected depending on the application. [3]

NX-A1SE series: CFexpress Type A memory card for video creators who shoot high-quality videos for long periods of time.
・Best-in-class write/read speed
Best-in-class maximum write/read transfer speeds of 950 MB/s. [1] Reduce data transfer time after shooting.
・High-capacity lineup that supports long-time video shooting
The high capacity lineup of 960 GB and 1,920 GB supports long video recording. [3]SDXC Compared to UHS-II memory cards, the shooting time and data transfer speed are dramatically improved, making it ideal for switching from SD cards.
・VPG200 compliant to enable stable high-quality video shooting
Compliant with video performance guarantee VPG200 (minimum sustained write speed guaranteed: 200 MB/s) at all capacities. It has the specifications required for professional video shooting.

Both the NX-A1PRO series and NX-A1SE series are durable and come with a 5-year product warranty that complies with CompactFlash Association regulations.

 Heat resistance: -10 ℃ to 70 ℃ (guaranteed operating temperature)

 Shock resistance (EIA-364-27A compliant)

 X-ray resistant (ISO7816-1 compliant)

 UV resistant (ISO7816-1 compliant)

 Magnetic resistance (according to Nextorage’s own test)

 Antistatic (IEC 61000-4-2 compliant)

Data recovery software “Memory Card File Rescue” (purchase bonus)
As a bonus for purchasers of Nextorage memory card products, you can download the software “Memory Card File Rescue” to restore data that has been accidentally deleted.

Sales price/sales information
The NX-A1PRO series and NX-A1SE series will be on sale from December 16, 2023 at the Amazon Nextorage official store “Nextorage Direct.” The selling prices are as follows.

Sales price (tax included)

・NX-A1PRO series

  NX-A1PRO640G 79,800 yen

  NX-A1PRO320G 49,800 yen

  NX-A1PRO160G 29,800 yen

  NX-A1PRO80G 16,900 yen

  NX-A1PRO40G 11,900 yen

・NX-A1SE series

  NX-A1SE1920G 99,800 yen

  NX-A1SE960G 64,990 yen

Amazon Nextorage Direct NX-A1PRO sales page (Coming Soon)

  NX-A1PRO640G: Amazon

  NX-A1PRO320G: Amazon

  NX-A1PRO160G: Amazon

  NX-A1PRO80G: Amazon

  NX-A1PRO40G: Amazon

Amazon Nextorage Direct NX-A1SE sales page (Coming Soon)

  NX-A1SE1920G: Amazon

  NX-A1SE960G: Amazon

NX-A1PRO series / NX-A1SE series main specifications

[1] Based on Nextorage internal testing. Actual performance values ​​vary depending on measurement conditions.
[2] Excluding NX-A1PRO40G
[3] Capacity is expressed as 1 GB equal to 1 billion bytes. The actual available space will be less than what is displayed due to system file space.

Design, specifications and prices are subject to change without notice

CFexpress Type A Memory Card NX-A1PRO Series/NX-A1SE Series Product Information Website

NX-A1PRO series:

NX-A1SE series:

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