New Tiltaing Sony FX3 Lightweight Kit

Tiltaing Sony FX3 Lightweight Kit:
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Sony FX3:
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Tiltaing Sony FX3 Lightweight Kit – Full Camera Cage –
This Lightweight Kit for the Sony FX3 provides protective armor for the camera body and includes relevant accessories to improve the functionality of the Sony FX3 while remaining lightweight.

The Full Cage features several 1/4″-20 threads with various locating pins, two cold shoe receivers, a NATO Rail for Wooden and Advanced Side Handles, as well as a Rod Attachment Port for our Single Rod Holders.

The left side arm module can be removed to turn this full cage into a half cage.

This offers greater flexibility for stripping the camera down in situations where weight is a concern such as when mounting the system on a gimbal.

The Bottom Plate of the cage also provides several mounting points for attaching your camera to various quick release plates and is compatible with the ARCA Receiver of the RS2 Mounting Plate.

The included Quick Release Plate can be attached to the bottom of the cage to connect the system to our 15m LWS Baseplate Type IV.

The Top Mounting Plate doubles as a NATO Rail for Side Handles to be mounted on top of the camera for Vertical Shooting needs.

The Top Mounting Plate can also be removed independently of the other cage components, which allows you to easily mount the FX3’s original XLR Top Handle if needed.

The included Advanced Power Handle connects to the cage via a NATO Rail connection on the left side.

This handle allows you to power accessories and control run stop on the FX3 via an included cable.

The rotation of the handle and additional hand strap allows for comfortable and flexible operation of the Sony FX3.

The included HDMI Cable Clamp and male to female HDMI Adapter allows you to secure your HDMI cable to your camera cage.

Integrated Design. Half Cage & Full Cage
Lightweight. Compact. Portable. Dual assembly modes. Easy switching.

Compatible With The Original FX3 Top Handle
Removable top mounting plate allows you to quickly mount the original XLR top handle.

High Compatibility
Compatible with a wide range of Tilta accessories. Fully supports your operating needs.

Compatible With ARCA Quick Release
The camera cage comes with ARCA quick release plate built into the cage. This allows you to quickly switch between gimbal and tripod.

Top Mounting Plate
Integrated design with NATO rail and cold shoe mount. Multiple 1/4″-20 screw holes for various setup options.

Vertical Mode
The top mounting plate features 1/4″-20 screw holes and NATO rail connection for mounting a side handle while in vertical shooting mode.

Modular Design
Easily remove the left side arm module to turn the full cage into a half cage.

Half Cage
Multiple mounting options (such as 1/4″-20 screw holes with locating points, NATO rails, and cold shoe mounts) support the mounting of a rod holder, cable clamp attachment, etc.

Left Side Arm
The removable left side arm comes with a built-in wrist strap holder and 1/4″-20 screw hole with locating points.

Multi-Functional Attachment For FX3
The cold shoe mount and the 1/4″-20 screw holes with locating points support accessories such as an additional rod holder, handle, etc.

Easily Switch Between Horizontal & Vertical Operation
Install the Tiltaing adjustable top handle to easily switch between horizontal and vertical operations.

– HDMI Cable Clamp Attachment –
This HDMI clamp attaches directly to the Full Camera Cage for the Sony FX3 and allows you to securely fasten an HDMI cable to your camera cage.

This clamp can help prevent the HDMI cable from coming loose and can be especially helpful when using an external recorder.

– HDMI male to HDMI Female Cable –
This cable was designed for all Tiltaing Camera Cages.

It plugs into the HDMI port of the camera and adapts it to a female HDMI port.

This creates a more ergonomic route for your HDMI cable and allows you to secure the cable to your Tiltaing cage which helps protect the port on the camera body.

Compatible with all of our full sized HDMI Cable Clamps.

– Tiltaing Advanced Left Side Handle Attachment Type VI –
This attachment allows you to adapt any of the Tiltaing Advanced Side Handles to use on half and full Tiltaing Camera Cages for RED Komodo, Sony a7SIII, Panasonic S5 and Panasonic BGH1.

This type of unique NATO Rail connection allows you to slide and lock your handle onto the side panels of your camera cage.

This creates an extremely solid connection that is also quick to remove if needed.

This connection allows you to mount your handle further from your camera body than the Type IV.

– Advanced Side Handle Run/Stop Cable –
This cable gives you Run Stop capabilities for supported camera systems which allow remote recording control when using the the Tiltaing Advanced Side Handle.

Simply connect the cable from the Advanced Side Handle into your camerafs Run Stop port to control the record start/stop with the push of a button.

– Tiltaing Advanced Side Handle Attachment Type VI –
This attachment allows you to adapt any of the Tiltaing Advanced Side Handles to use on half and full Tiltaing Camera Cages for RED Komodo, Sony a7SIII, Panasonic S5 and Panasonic BGH1.

– Tiltaing Left Side Advanced Focus Handle (F570 Battery) –
This advanced handle attaches to the left side of Tiltaing camera cages. A battery port on the bottom of the handle allows you to use a Sony F570 battery to power the Nucleus Nano motor via the 8V USB-C power output. A 12V DC output is also integrated into the handle.

Compact & Lightweight
Small size, large functionality.

360 Degree Adjustment
Flexible rotation to meet your operating needs.

High Compatibility
Supports an array of different camera cage brands.

Continuous Power Supply
Extends time for continuous shooting.

Flexible Angles
Flexible rotation and smooth operating.

Ergonomic Design
Comfortable grip.

Focus Wheel
Precise focus wheel.

Aluminum Alloy + Silicone
Constructed with aluminum alloy and silicone.

Tilta Camera Cage Features

  • Full Camera Cage Features
  • Protective Armor for Sony FX3 Minimizes Wear and Supports Accessories
  • Mount Accessories via NATO Rail, Cold Shoe Receivers and 1/4″-20 Threads with Locating Pins
  • Side Handle provides More Flexibility When Operating and Support Vertical Shooting
  • XLR Handle Fully Supported via the Removable Top Plate
  • Power & Record via the Advanced Power Handle with Run Stop
  • HDMI Cable Clamp Attachment Features
  • Cable Security via Direct Connection to the Cage
  • Compatible with Sony FX3 Full Camera Cage
  • Lightweight Secures the Cable without Adding Extra Bulk
  • Adjustable Clamp Accommodates a Variety of HDMI Cables
  • Sturdy Aluminum and Steel Construction
  • HDMI Male to HDMI Female Cable Features
  • Custom Designed to Secure to your Camera Cage via our HDMI Cable Clamps
  • Male to Female HDMI Connection Creates Easier Access for Cables
  • Protect your Port by Limiting Pressure on the Camera’s HDMI Port
  • Compatible with Any Standard HDMI Cable and Tiltaing Camera Cage
  • Durable Plastic and Copper Construction
  • Tiltaing Advanced Side Handle Attachment Type VI Features
  • Adapt the Tiltaing Advanced Side Handle to Type VI Cages
  • Compatible with Tiltaing Camera Cages for RED Komodo, Sony a7SIII and Panasonic S5 & BGH1.
  • NATO Rail Connection Makes Mounting your Handle Secure yet Easy to Remove
  • Fast & Secure Design Makes Swapping Attachment Types Quick Without Compromising Security
  • Increased Distance Between Handle and Camera Body Compared to Type IV
  • Tiltaing Left Side Advanced Focus Handle (F570 Battery) Features
  • Added Stability from a Side Handle Provides More Flexibility When Operating and Handling
  • Power Accessories via 8V USB-C and 12V Micro DC Ports
  • Start/Stop Recording via the Run Stop Button and optional Run Stop Cable
  • Rotatable Mounting Options Allow for More Flexibility when Mounting your Handle
  • Focus Control Power and Control the Nucleus Nano via an optional USB-C to Micro USB Cable
  • Advanced Side Handle Run/Stop Cable Features
  • Start/Stop Recording via the Record Button on the Advanced Side Handles
  • Compatible with RED Komodo, Sony a6/a7/a9, Canon C-Series, and Panasonic GH / S Series
  • Universal LANC Option Supports Many Additional Cameras with LANC Ports
  • Custom Designed for Advanced Side Handles
  • Lightweight & Durable Copper and Steel Construction

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