New ProGrade Digital 160GB CFexpress Type A

Prograde announced its new 160GB CFexpress Type A card which is significantly less expensive than Sony’s cards. You can get a ProGrade Digital 160GB CFexpress Type A from B&H Photo

Designed for emerging mainstream imaging applications, the 160GB CFexpress Type A Cobalt Memory Card from ProGrade Digital provides read speeds of up to 800 MB/s, which helps to quickly offload content to your computer, and write speeds of up to 700 MB/s. Additionally, the Cobalt’s minimum write speed is guaranteed not to drop below 400 MB/s, which allows for the uninterrupted recording of a wide variety of codecs, including raw 4K video, 4K and 6K ProRes 4444, 4K, 6K, and 8K ProRes 422 HQ, and more. This card is resistant to temperature extremes, shock, vibration, and X-rays. This card also takes advantage of an NVMe PCIe 3.0 host controller interface.

Key Features
  • 160GB Storage Capacity
  • NVMe PCIe 3.0 x4 Bus
  • Max Read Speed: 800 MB/s
  • Max Write Speed: 700 MB/s
  • Min Write Speed: 400 MB/s
  • Records Raw 4K Video
  • Records 8K, 6K, and 4K ProRes Video
  • Metal Enclosure for Temperature Control
  • Built-In Thermal Throttling
  • Shock / Vibration / X-Ray Proof

ProGrade Digital 160GB CFexpress Type A:
B&H Photo

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Luminar Neo: Some New Features Revealed

What’s new

  • Layers let you effortlessly combine two or more images and manipulate them to achieve your desired effect.
  • Portrait Background RemovalAI allows you to remove an unwanted background from your portrait in seconds thanks to AI.
  • RelightAI is a tool for controlling the light in your photos based on image depth as determined by AI, allowing you to easily and effortlessly fix photos that need fill lighting.
  • MaskAI allows you to easily detect and select elements of your photo for precise control over how tools are applied.

For artists making a new purchase:
$65 for 1-seat license for Luminar Neo
$76 for 2-seats license for Luminar Neo

$94 for 1-seat license for Luminar Neo+Luminar AI
$115 for 2-seats license for Luminar Neo+Luminar AI

New Owners

For artists who own Luminar or Aurora:
$44 for 1-seat license for Luminar Neo
$59 for 2-seats license for Luminar Neo

Neo Upgrade

$73 for 1-seat license for Luminar Neo+Luminar AI
$98 for 2-seats license for Luminar Neo+Luminar AI

Neo+AI Upgrade

Press Release
NEW YORK, NY – September 20, 2021 — Skylum is excited to reveal additional details about its newest creative image editor, Luminar Neo – shipping winter 2021. The application further reimagines the image editing experience and enables creators to be more expressive with fewer boundaries and rediscover joy in their creative work. Read More »

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TTArtisan 40mm f/2.8 Macro Teaser

We first leaked the TTArtisan 40mm f/2.8 Macro in the TTArtisan road map over a month ago along with the fact that autofocus lenses will be coming from them soon. TTArtisan lenses are available on Amazon and most are a very good value punching well above their price point. We should see the TTArtisan 40mm f/2.8 Macro soon.

Lens TTArtisan 40mm f/2.8 Macro Lens
Compatibility Sony, Fuji, Canon, M4/3
Focal Length 60mm, 80mm on M4/3
Aperture Ring Clicked Aperture
Minimum Aperture f/1.6
Weight ≈372g
Optical Design 8 Elements in 7 Groups
Aperture F2.8-F16
Aperture Blades 11 Blades
Closest Focusing Distance 17cm
Filter Size 52mm
Angle of View 40°
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New Techart Pro AF Adapter V2 and Megadap Sony E-mount to Nikon Z-mount Adapter

It’s interesting that Nikon cameras are able to adapt their mirrorless competitors’ lenses to their own mirrorless cameras without any optics at all. It might be relevant to photographers that like to have the latest and greatest camera bodies all the time if Nikon ever releases a camera that competes well with Sony’s lineup, but until then I think Nikon users looking for glass that Nikon hasn’t released yet will be picking these up alongside photographers that currently shoot both systems.

via NR 1,2

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7Artisans 25mm f/0.95 Photos and More

Seven Craftsmen is about to release a new product “25mm F0.95 APS-C” large aperture wide-angle lens, which together with the recently released 50mm F0.95 and 35mm F0.95 form the “Firefly” series, featuring a super-large aperture as its main feature.

This is a half-frame lens suitable for shooting small scenery and environmental portrait content. The supported mount is E/Z/X/M43/EOSM/R/L (R/L mount will be available later in the evening). The new product is expected to open at the end of September The price will be announced later.

🌟Excellent image quality, large aperture also has excellent resolution
25mm F0.95 APS-C lens adopts 11 optical structures in 9 groups, all use HOYA high-quality lenses, which also contain three HOYA ultra-low dispersion lenses to suppress Spherical aberration and coma aberration negatively affect the resolution performance, and can reduce color overflow caused by axial dispersion, thereby improving the image quality of shooting with a large aperture and increasing the resolution of the lens.

🌟25mm focal length, the small wide angle accommodates more details.
Different from the commonly used 35/50 focal length, the new product released this time selects 25mm, which is a small wide-angle large aperture model that is rarely seen in the market for half-frame lenses. As a small wide-angle lens, it can accommodate more landscapes and details when shooting. It is especially suitable for travel photography, and it can better integrate with the landscape when shooting portraits. Sharp images and soft blur effects make it an excellent choice for a variety of scenes, from landscape portraits to still lifes.

🌟F0.95 large aperture, enjoy the beautiful blur
The large aperture of F0.95 has great advantages for shooting in low light conditions. The larger amount of light can make the viewfinder brighter and easier for the photographer to observe the subject. And compared with the same focal length small aperture lens can have a faster shutter, lower ISO, better night scene performance. At the same time, the shallow depth of field created by F0.95 can achieve the knife-sharp milking effect most players want. The picture is more transparent, the colors are more vivid and vivid, and the picture is more full and vivid than the small aperture lens, and players can enjoy To the rich photography pleasure.

🌟Focus at the nearest 0.25M, experience the fun of macro.
With the shortest focusing distance of 0.25M with F0.95 super large aperture, you can easily shoot still life images with beautiful blur effects, and experience the fun of still life shooting and macro shooting.

🌟The breathing effect is small, and the stepless aperture is better.
25mm F0.95 has better control of the breathing effect than other models, especially the breathing in the center of the screen is very slight. The lens adopts a stepless aperture design, which can complete a very smooth aperture change when shooting videos without the sound of aperture switching. At the same time, the focus ring and aperture ring of the lens have moderate damping, smooth and smooth, and good control. The lens is a good choice for video shooting.

🌟All metal material, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. The
mechanical structure of the lens is made of metal parts. The new housing oxidation process makes the wear resistance, oil stain and corrosion resistance stronger, and it is not easy to absorb dust, making cleaning difficult. At the same time, the bayonet part is upgraded to be more robust and durable, and the color and texture of the electroplated tungsten steel is better.

via 7Artisans

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Atomos NINJA V: AtomOS 10.67.1 Released

Atmos released AtomOS 10.67.1 for the Ninja and you can Download it Here. Below are the changes:

New features
Sony FX9 (PXW-FX9), Sony FX6 (ILME-FX6V), FujiFilm GFX100 and FujiFilm GFX100S RAW Recording metadata:
• WB and ISO metadata support for FCP settings slider adjustments Fixes

• Resolved an issue where H.265 recordings on some inputs were interrupted after a momentary loss of video input lock, resulting in segregated files.
• Fixed an issue where the unit would not recommence recording if the Ninja dropped and regained video input lock while recording H.265

Known Limitations
• Recording 4K inputs at 59.94/60p with H.265 is currently only supported in HQ modes. LQ and MQ will be made available in a future firmware release. To use MQ or LQ modes, please change the resolution and frame rate to 4Kp50 or below.

The following video signals from the DC-GH5S are unsupported on the Ninja V for ProRes, DNx and H.265 modes:
• C4K 8bit 150M 60p,
• C4K 8bit 150M 50p,
• 4K 8bit 150M 50p.

These will be supported in a future firmware update. To work around this please select a 10-bit video mode on the camera instead.

• In some cases, the Ninja V may not lock to a RAW video signal from the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III for ProRes RAW, when the Ninja V is switched between playback and record modes.
• Ninja V may not recommence recording automatically when momentarily losing video signal lock from the Sony Alpha 7SIII or Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III due to a faulty cable connection.
• Non-RAW Dual Link SDI video cannot be monitored when in ProRes RAW mode. To monitor and record Dual Link SDI modes please use either ProRes or DNx modes.
• In some cases, dual link video from the Panasonic Varicam LT may not lock when switching from single link video mode. Please reboot the Ninja V if this occurs.

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