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Behind The Scenes: Building the Sony a9

As I said earlier today Sony is giving a lot of interviews and here is a look behind the scenes with amateurphotographer about the Sony a9. Below you will find key points from this lengthy interview. “Sony is a relatively recent player in the interchangeable-lens camera market. It began by acquiring Konica Minolta in 2006, with its […]

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Interview: Sony Declares “Professional Market Strategy” For Mirrorless Cameras

Sony has been granting a lot of interviews lately to fully explain their roadmap going forward and the latest with DC.Watch gives us a few new details, which I have highlighted below. Digital camera, interchangeable lens, digital video camera, broadcasting station, cinema solution, broadcasting equipment, network camera, medical business unit, Felica business etc… began operating separately […]

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Focus-Numerique Sony Interview Coverage

Sony continues to claim A-mount isn’t dead in their interview with Focus-Numerique, but it sure would be nice to see a new lens or a second lower level body than the a99II if that were the case. What follows is some key points from their interview: We will continue to develop A-mount cameras and lenses (first […]

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Optyczne Sony Interview Coverage

Optyczne recently published a meeting with Sony where a lot of topics were covered. You can read a brief summary of the key points below and read the full translated interview here. The Sony a9 didn’t come with a tilt screen because emphases was on strength and durability. Sony could add touchscreen features to the a9, but […]

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Sony Interview: Solidly #2 Worldwide and APS-C Forever

Image-Resource, DPReview, Digital PhotoPro and SLR Lounge had a sit down with a Sony panel about their camera division and IR was so excited about the interview they dropped a clip from it for us to analyze. In order: The bloggers said there was a perception Sony was focused on full frame cameras and Sony executives responded“APS-C […]

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DPReview: Sony Interview CP+ 2017

image courtesy of DPReview DPReview met with Yasuyuki Nagata at CP+ this year and the follow are some of the highlights. The failure of the Nikon DL stunted the growth of the 1-inch sensor market. Professional users are driving FE lens production. We might see bigger batteries in future a7 cameras. Professional support will continue to improve. Sony […]

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