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DPR: CP+ 2019: Sony Interview

DPReview had an interview with Sony at CP+2019. Bellow, you can find excerpts from the interview: Sony is happy for competitors in digital Full Frame because it will grow the market Cameras like the Canon EOS RP will only be an issue for Sony when they get entry level glass to pair with the cheap […]

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DPR: Zeiss ZX1 Interview, Android, Apps, Design Philosophy, and More

The Zeiss ZX1 is their first new camera in over a decade and they decided if they were going to enter the camera market again it should be something new. Below are excerpts from an interview with Elliot Shih, Senior Product Manager of Zeiss at CP+2019 with DPReview: Zeiss has been working on the ZX1 […]

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IR: Sony CP+ 2019 Interview about AI AF, Computational Photography, APS-C, Canon, and More

IR interviewed Sony at CP+2019 and below are excerpts from the interview: While the overall ICL market was down 8% later year Sony was not Sony does not believe the market will be half in two year they believe it will be 80% of what it is today Sony believes that Full Frame mirrorless will […]

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DCWatch Sony a6400 Interview

DC.Watch sat down with Sony about the new a6400. Below are excerpts from the interview: Sony used the same mount for APS-C and Full Frame so that people could pick the right body for the job with any of their lenses. Using the same mount also lets you upgrade easily a6400 uses the same BIONZ […]

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Tamron VP of Marketing and Communications Interview and 28-75mm f/2.8 Di III RXD FE Stock Check

DPReview interviewed Tamron USA’s VP of Marketing and Communications VP of Marketing and Communications. Also, the Tamron 28-75mm is now in stock on Amazon. Excerpts below: Tameron is the most customer-centric 3rd part lens company All their products have a six-year warranty They have a three-business-day turnaround for repairs with no extra charge worldwide Every year they survey customers to find […]

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Another Kenji Tanaka Senior General Manager of Sony’s Digital Imaging Business Group Interview

Amateur Photographer interviewed Kenji Tanaka about the future of Sony cameras. Below are excerpts from the interview: Mirrorless has a big advantage over DLSR’s speed, vibration, image quality The diameter of the lens mount doesn’t matter Sony’s 400mm f/2.8 is built better than their competitors Sony could make f/1 lens if they wanted but there isn’t really a market […]

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