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DC.Watch Sony G Master Interview (Part 2)

DC.Watch had the opportunity to speak with Sony about their G series of lenses and below you can find some excerpts from part two of the interview. You can find part one here. Since the interview is translated I will do my best to clear up the language. Customers the shoot portraits often assign Eye AF to […]

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Imaging Resource: One More Lengthy Sony Interview Recap

Sony continues their lengthy interview tour with Image Resource. You can find the key points below or read the full interview here. Three executives from Sony took part in this interview Hiroyuki Matsushita, Yasuyuki Nagata and Hirokuni Miyai. Sony isn’t willing to say how long they have been working on the Sony a9. All Sony will reveal […]

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Behind The Scenes: Building the Sony a9

As I said earlier today Sony is giving a lot of interviews and here is a look behind the scenes with amateurphotographer about the Sony a9. Below you will find key points from this lengthy interview. “Sony is a relatively recent player in the interchangeable-lens camera market. It began by acquiring Konica Minolta in 2006, with its […]

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Interview: Sony Declares “Professional Market Strategy” For Mirrorless Cameras

Sony has been granting a lot of interviews lately to fully explain their roadmap going forward and the latest with DC.Watch gives us a few new details, which I have highlighted below. Digital camera, interchangeable lens, digital video camera, broadcasting station, cinema solution, broadcasting equipment, network camera, medical business unit, Felica business etc… began operating separately […]

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Focus-Numerique Sony Interview Coverage

Sony continues to claim A-mount isn’t dead in their interview with Focus-Numerique, but it sure would be nice to see a new lens or a second lower level body than the a99II if that were the case. What follows is some key points from their interview: We will continue to develop A-mount cameras and lenses (first […]

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Optyczne Sony Interview Coverage

Optyczne recently published a meeting with Sony where a lot of topics were covered. You can read a brief summary of the key points below and read the full translated interview here. The Sony a9 didn’t come with a tilt screen because emphases was on strength and durability. Sony could add touchscreen features to the a9, but […]

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