The Sony a9 goes on sale 10:00 A:M EST, but AMAZON STARTED EARLY!

The Sony a9 goes on sale 10:00 A:M EST, but AMAZON STARTED EARLY!

EARLY Sony FE 100-400 at AMAZON
EARLY a9 Battery at AMAZON

Sony a9: B&H Photo / Amazon / Adorama
Sony FE 100-400mm: B&H Photo / Amazon / Adorama
a9 Battery Grip: B&H Photo / Amazon / Adorama
a9 Glass Screen Protector: B&H Photo / Amazon / Adorama
a9 Battery NP-FZ100: B&H Photo / Amazon / Adorama
GP-EX1 Grip: B&H Photo / Amazon / Adorama
FDA-EP18 Eye Cup: B&H Photo / Amazon / Adorama
MQZ1 Battery Charger: B&H Photo / Amazon / Adorama


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  • Oberoth

    E-Mount seems so expensive compared to A-Mount. The A99ii is almost twice the resolution, still extremely fast and yet almost half the price of the new A9.

    Lenses on E-Mount cost s fortune too, there’s hardly any good value 3rd party lenses yet.

    Look at the price difference between these two similar set ups (yes quaintly will differ and eBay will be grey imports but the differences are small compared the the overall price difference):

    • E-mount is a newer system. I remember wanting to buy into A-mount when they released the translucent mirror, because of the AF Zeiss glass. The cost kept me from committing at the time, but now a lot of that glass is very affordable used.

      The a9 has a lot of advantages on paper over any other camera out there for people that need speed, but if Sony is over hyping this camera there will be a lot of returns. I should get a review sample at launch, which I might decide to purchase if it doesn’t disappoint. I am just very reluctant to commit to Sony cameras that aren’t resolution/dynamic range monsters.

      I currently have an a7m2 with a lot of nice FE glass, but the user interface limits my use of it. Whenever I shoot with Sony I’m cursing, but the images are nice. I really hope the new menu system resolves some of my concerns and that the a7R Mark III is something special.

      • Oberoth

        I totally agree the glass on FE is of much high quality, you only have to look at the sharpenss scores on DXOmark (attached) which is why i am still hesitent to buy the A99ii even though i think its the better camera (for me) and costs a lot less.

        I just don’t understand why Sony chose to limit the A99ii:
        – No Silent Mode
        – Fixed F3.5 in Videos
        – No UHS-II Slots
        – No on-sensor focusing for 3rd party lenses (ok i get why they did that one to try to sell more Sony glass but still disappointing from a customer pov. Do you know if that is going to be the same with the A9 or will any lens have full access to the full 693-point phase-detection AF?)

        I think a huge A9 release would have been better, do the A9S, A9 and A9R simultaneously. Then everyone is happy right? Video-centric + low light version, super fast and accurate version and mega pixel monster version!

        • I guess we will find out if adapters work, because I have the M AF adapter 😉

          I’m not sure if they will do an a9R and a9S, but it’s an interesting proposition. High resolution shooter and video shooters don’t really need the speed of the a9.

          as for the a99 most of the limitations

          – No Silent Mode
          – Fixed F3.5 in Videos
          – No UHS-II Slots
          – No on-sensor focusing for 3rd party lenses (ok i get why they did that one to try to sell more Sony glass but still disappointing from a customer pov. Do you know if that is going to be the same with the A9 or will any lens have full access to the full 693-point phase-detection AF?)

          Come from the translucent mirror design. I don’t think Sony wanted too spend a lot of time updating the translucent mirror technology, but since it sold pretty well they might update the tech in the future. Sony is difficult to predict, but some companies are better at eating losses with a smile than others. Canon/Nikon really aren’t diversified enough to invest like Sony does, but Sony’s recent interviews make it sound like they are slowing their investment.

          • Oberoth

            I was thinking from a high speed videography standpoint the stacked sensor would be nice, even 4k at 60p is pushing 498m pixel per second (obviously the same for 1080p at 240fps or 720p at 480fps), its interesting that the A9 at 24.2mp at 20fps is also around this number 484m pixels per second. Then the A99ii at 42.4mp at 12fps is 509m pixels per second but it seems it rarely hits this and it closer to the 11fps which is back at the same through put numbers again as the A9.

          • BTW there is content saying AF adapters work…

          • Oberoth

            Yeah, that someone saying they tried their Canon 24-70 wasn’t it? If the adaptors worked perfectly and made Canon/Nikon/A-Mount glass into native glass then that would be a whole new ball game.

          • Patrick Murphy-Racey’s long review in my latest roundup I believe. I’m digesting a lot about the camera and looking forward to getting my hands on one.

          • Oberoth

            Have you had much experience with adaptors on E-Mount? I could maybe justify the body price of the A9 (although probably wait for A9R) but i couldn’t justify the E-Mount lens prices. Is a Canon lens on say the A7Rii as fast/accuate as it would be on native glass or the canon lens on a canon camera?

          • With Metabones it’s as accurate or even more sometimes, but AF speed can be as low as 70-80% the speed of native and the adapter can crash. The adapters are constantly being updated and many lenses will give you 100% performance, but it’s all in flux. If I were to use Canon glass on Sony regularly I would probably own the Sigma and Metabones adapters.

            I think the best move is to list gear on and try to slowly sell it off to buy FE glass over time. Shops will give you next to nothing for your equipment. I currently own 3 camera systems and it’s how I buy/sell my gear.

          • Oberoth

            Thanks Louis.

            I currently own a Canon 7D with a few lenses but nothing special. I am trying to make it as a wedding photographer and have my first few weddings this coming summer hence the looking around now. I’ll use my 7D as a back-up camera so not really looking to sell anything. So for all intents and purposes i am a totally clean sheet, ready to buy into any camera eco system.

            Money is obviously limited but at the same time i don’t want to spend less money now but that is ultimately wasted because i bought into a mount that was about to die.

            The A-Mount has all the lens sizes i want but not always the newest ones and so the sharpness and speed isn’t there compared to A7Rii.

            I am not limited to Sony either, i have looked at the Pentax K-1, Canon 5DS-R, Nikon D810, even the Sigma sd Quattro H but for me Sony has the best all round features, IQ, ISO performance, sharpness, dynamic range, 4k video…

            In a totally ideal world i would buy an A9R with Tamron 24-70 f2.8 (or new Sigma ART 24-70 f2.8 if better), Tamron 70-200 f2.8 G2, Sigma 50-500 and add primes as and when required (can afford). But there are a lot of problems with my wish list. The A9R isn’t out but i think A9 at 24mp is too expensive for my needs so then i’m looking at the A7Rii. This is a great camera but almost 2 years old now and so i’m pretty sure it’s replacement must be just around the corner. I understand just because a better camera gets released it obviously doesn’t make your camera worse but i would rather put the A7Rii money towards the very best rather than spend a couple of grand only for something much better come out a few months later.

            The A7Rii has its draw back too, even against A99ii. Only 5fps isn’t great, battery life is really poor, no dual card slot is scary when doing someones wedding and silent mode (one of the main reasons i would choose the A7Rii over the A99ii looks like it has its own issues because of the slow read out, the other reason is that E-Mount seems very much to be the future).

            Bigger issues about my wish list is that not one of those lenses exists natively on E-Mount so apart from the 50-500mm which has nothing like it for the money (i’m sure the new 100-400 is a great lens but at 2.5x the price and half as flexible its not for me) so this would have to be an adaptor maybe from A-Mount if its better to keep it all Sony or from Canon which then allows me to buy the other lenses above as Canon lenses.

            This is where i need the most advice, do you think i will get better results (IQ, AF performance, sharpness, etc) from Tamron/Sigma glass on a Canon mount using the Metabones adaptor or should i step things down to F4 and buy the Sony 24-70 f4 and 70-200 f4 for the E-Mount?

            In the back of my head i am thinking why am i not just buying the A99ii? Its much faster, its got all the lenses i want, its got dual memory card slots, better battery life. The main reason is i’m not sure there will be an A99iii and i don’t think there will be any new better lenses for the A-Mount system. When you look at the DXO lens comparison sharpness scores not one of the A99ii lenses would get in the top 15 of the E-Mount lenses and they wouldn’t make the top 30 in Canon’s range! So i’m trying to think long term and in 5 years when i want a new body will A-Mount still exist? Will it have a new cutting edge camera? Plus Sony has made such a big song and dance about silent shooting over the A9 but it would be a great feature to have as a lot of Vicars are funny about photography during the service but if you are silent what can they do?

            I realise that is a lot to take in but any advice you have would be really appreciated.

          • If you’re starting from scratch I wouldn’t recommend adapting glass. Adapting glass is more for people switching or hobbies Imo. That and you could have a lock up during the first kiss or something else critical.

            Honestly Canon isn’t going anywhere for a while and a lot of people will be snobs about wanting a white lens with a red ring… That being said right now I am only investing in Sony and Fujifilm cameras.

            I think A-mount will limp along as long as photographers cling to the system, but it won’t keep up with E-mount. At least that is what Sony has put out there, but how much longer will people hold out? I doubt Sony will develop lenses for A-mount since it takes 2-3 years to develop a lens.

            The Sony 24-70 70-200 f/4 are excellent and I like them both a lot. I also really like the 70-300. You should probably think about owning at least one fast prime. I like the Zeiss 50mm 1.4 and 35 1.4 but the Zeiss 55mm 1.8 is good.

            You probably shouldn’t cheap out on glass and as for your body it depends on what kind of photographer you are. I can work with slow cameras, but faster cameras make life easier. The Sony a7RII is great, but buying two a7II might be a better investment since Sonys aren’t redundant. The Sony a9 will be ideal if it lives up to the hype, but it could also make you lazy.

            I highly recommend getting familiar with amazon marketplace so that you can sell your used equipment quickly and safely. It will greatly reduce your overall cost of ownership. If you time out your purchases and sales just right you can save a lot of money and have the latest and greatest gear, but you don’t really need it. Like I said earlier it depends what kind of photographer you are.

          • Oberoth

            Thank you for your reply.

            I’m very much a wildlife/landscape photographer but trying to use weddings to pay for my hobby and hopefully let me leave my day job.

            Here’s my site with a few recent shots:

            I’ll have a look at the lens you suggested. I have looked into adaptors and none of them seem to work too well with the Sigma 50-500mm, not even Sigma’s own MC-11.