DPReview: Sony Interview CP+ 2017

image courtesy of DPReview

DPReview met with Yasuyuki Nagata at CP+ this year and the follow are some of the highlights.

  • The failure of the Nikon DL stunted the growth of the 1-inch sensor market.
  • Professional users are driving FE lens production.
  • We might see bigger batteries in future a7 cameras.
  • Professional support will continue to improve.
  • Sony will have to create longer glass in the future for professionals, but for now portraiture and landscape are their main areas.
  • Most of their customers shoot stills and video equally.
  • Sony sees all 5 models of the RX100 as important.
  • G Master lenses caused some professional users to switch.
  • No plans to make a 360 camera. They would rather support pro customers with 360 rigs.
  • The professional segment has the most growth.
  • Sony believes that offer new imaging experiences is key to their growth going forward.
  • Sony isn’t going to force A-mount users to switch to E-mount and they are prepared to support both mounts going forward.
  • It doesn’t sound like we are going to see new A-mount glass though.

You can read the full interview here.

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  • Neopulse

    Waiting to see their 300mm f/4 lens they’d produce for the FE line when the time comes. And of course a 11-24mm f/4 would be nice

    • I’m pretty sure they are talking about 1200mm+ glass. This is really the only area where Canon/Nikon win.

      • JoeJohnBear

        400, 500, 600, 800mm, 200-400mm fixed aperture lenses? All shorter than 1200. This is where Sony fails, whether it has no lens or it charges a stupid amount more than the Canikon counterpart with less repair support.