Sony Doubles Down on High-End Camera Market

image courtesy of amateurphotographer

Sony is doubling down on the high-end photography market according to an interview with amateurphotographer, because it’s the market they see growing. I tend to agree, but I think we are going to see a shift into medium format and maybe even see things like 8×10 digital photography come to fruition as a specialty camera. You can read the full interview with Kimio Maki here.


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  • SLR

    I would like to sincerely ask the internet hive mind what you all would think of Sony acquiring Nikon? They make a lot of the sensors. Nikon has pretty high brand equity, some important patents and together they would make a more dominant competitor to Canon in the professional market. Sincere question.

    • KC

      You answered that question yourself when you used the word dominant.

      Would have a hard time passing regulatory scrutiny.

    • It would be interesting… Someone needs to drag Nikon into the modern mirrorless market.

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    A large format sensor (4×5, 8×10) would be near nigh impossible to make with current technologies: wafer yields will be in the negative territory, i.e. you’ll only get a single sensor out of several wafers, instead of several sensors out of a single wafer. That’s why sensor cost grows exponentially the larger size they are.