One Camera to Rule Them All

Sony has been producing dominant sensors for some time now so the results aren’t surprising, but the a6300 currently is the best APS-C sensor on the market by DXO’s measure, which can only be beat by the Nikon D7200 at base ISO. The only other sensor that might rival or beat it is the one in the Fujifilm X-Pro 2 since they are very similar in design, but DXO will probably never develop a test for X-Tran. Sony and Fujifilm should be very happy that Sony’s new sensor bested the Nikon D500 and only fell slightly behind the D7200.

a6300 dxo

1 a6300 dxo


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  • BestInDaBizz

    one set of nutz to rule them all

  • Matt Everglade

    Samsung NX500/NX1 sensor is older but better. Sony come on, you can do better!

    • I am aware of it, but it is also a dead system. I always liked the Samsungs, but I think using their name on the camera and poor marketing caused their camera system to fail. I am also pretty sure the Fuji X-Pro 2 scores higher than the a6300. Sony tends to artificially segment their cameras.

      • harvey

        what about the Pentax K3ii?

        • It scored an 80. DXO isn’t the be all end all, but some people think it is… I’m pretty sure the X-Pro 2 would out scores the a6300 easily, but DXO hasn’t developed a way to test X-Tran yet. Many argue that DXO heavily favors the most popular camera maker/sensor at the time of publication. It’s just one more thing to report in the world of photography.

          I’v never bought a camera based on a DXO score, but many have and later regret their purchase, but if you don’t report it people will wonder why. Then you can get into a fanboy/troll back and forth. Thankfully this site hasn’t had much of that, but I’v read some crazy threads on DXO results.

  • TinusVerdino
  • Cesar Sales

    It’s the best! (Except for the D7200 which beats it in every metric on DxO’s site.) But it’s the best! (Except that it’s third.) The best I say!