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Techart Pro Deal Zone

B&H Photo has the excellent Techart Pro on sale again which I reviewed here. You can use the adapter with any glass that you can adapt to M-mount and it is surprisingly fast. The Techart Pro will only be in the deal zone for today so don’t miss your opportunity to save here.

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First Lok: Sony a9, Techart Pro and Roundup

One of the favorite adapters the Techart Pro works great on the Sony a9. This might be the killer feature that makes me decided to  keep my review unit when it ships, but we will see. DPReview also further explored the logistics of switching to the Sony a9 for Canon shooters. DPReview – Here’s how much […]

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TechArt Pro Firmware 5.0 Released

The TechArt Pro continues to improve with firmware 5.0. below is a list of improvements and a video showing the new startup time. Camera startup speed has become faster. When storing with the adapter attached, the situation where battery reduction is fast is improved. TechArt Pro B&H Photo / Amazon / Adorama via stkb

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Techart Pro Follow-up

Techart Pro has grown a lot since my original review and it is now widely avalibe (B&H Photo/Amazon/Adorama), but I haven’t seen a lot of great reviews of the adapter until now. Mirrorless Rumors did a great job reviewing the adapter in video form and Techart Pro seems to be endorsing the use of heavier lenses now in […]

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Techart Pro at Photokina and Review

In addition to the increased availability of the Techart Pro at B&H Photo and Amazon. Techart Pro was at Photokina and Lensvid interviewed them while they were there. Techart also posted a few demos to their channel around that time of the Mitakon 85mm f/1.2 EF, Mitakon 35mm f/2 EF, LAOWA 60mm f/2.8 2X Ultra-Macro, LAOWA 15mm f/4 Wide Angle […]

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The Techart Pro Adapter is Now Available at B&H Photo

The availability of the Techart Pro adapter just got better now that B&H Photo has them in stock. Amazon also has better distributors now if you prefer to shop with them, but if you have even one piece of M glass you should think about picking this great adapter up. A few months ago I published an […]

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