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Sony a7III: New Low Light King, Nothing Comes Close, GH5 Compared, and More

The Sony a7III continues to get the typical praise of magically good low light performance, while still continuing to have menu issues. I’m curious how good exactly low light performance needs to get, because I was very happy with the last generation of cameras performance, from APS-C on up, but Sony continues to push the […]

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Max Yuryev’s Sony a7III Lowlight Comparison: a7III vs a7RIII vs a6500 vs GH5

Max Yuryev made a name for himself as one of the top youtube videographers and his output is pretty far ahead of everyone else. While others are just offering their impressions Max took the time to do a Full Frame and Super 35 mode comparison video, which concluded with the Sony a7III is the top performer. […]

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