Sony E 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS and Silver Sony a6300 Preorders Now Open

The Sony E 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS and Silver Sony a6300 that were announced a few days ago are now available for preorder. It’s interesting how Sony expands the available colors of older cameras as newer ones become available like the a6500 and soon to be announced Sony a6700. I wonder what kind of research Sony has done into camera segmentation and color that leads to these decisions. I could be interesting if the original Sony a7 eventually reached a price point low enough for this to start happening.

Sony E 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS: B&H Photo / Adorama
Sony a6300 Silver: B&H Photo / Adorama
Sony a6300 Silver w/16-50mm zoom: B&H Photo / Adorama

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Sony CCB-WD1 For RX0 Press Release

Sony Announces New Expanded Multi-View Shooting Capabilities for the Compact RX0 Camera
New Wired and Wireless Multi-Camera Solutions Enable More Flexibility and Creativity

LAS VEGAS, Jan 8, 2018 – Sony Electronics, a worldwide leader in digital imaging and the world’s largest image sensor manufacturer, has today announced new wired and wireless multi-camera solutions for the versatile RX0 that enable more flexibility, creativity and operability for today’s creators.

The RX0, introduced late this past fall, brings the advanced imaging quality of Sony’s acclaimed RX camera lineup to a robust, waterproof1, ultra-compact body measuring approximately 2 3/8 in. x 1.5/8 in x 1 3/16 in (WxHxD) 2 and weighing just 3.9 oz3. The miniature dimensions and all-around versatility of the new camera make it a powerful tool when used either as a single unit or when combined together with additional RX0 cameras in multi-angle, multi-view shooting situations. For flexible mounting options in tight spaces, the camera features a complete symmetrical lens position and an image flip function, adding to its wide range of creative potential.

The compact RX0 camera offers two different types of solutions for multiple camera shooting and control, including a wired solution for precisely accurate camera synchronization and control, and a wireless solution for added convenience and flexibility. Read More »

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Sony Live at CES 2018 Starting at 8PM EST

Sony CES 2018 starts shortly and I will be live blogging the event here if you miss any details. B&H Photo has a CES url setup if you want to see all of the announcements so far.

Live Blog:
Sony a9 was able to shoot at the PGA tour in ways not possible before.
Can now hook up to 100 RX0 together with Camera Control Box CCB-WD1 
Lots of talk about the use of image sensors in things like cars and more
Image sensors more capable than the human eye
One of the commentators “Is that one of those new cameras without a cellphone”

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Today Only: Save up to $400 on Vello Canon EF and/or Nikon F Mount to Sony E-Mount Accelerator AF Lens Adapters

Vello AF adapters aren’t the best on the market, but at this price, they are worth picking up if you have any Nikon or Canon glass laying around. You can find the Nikon compatibility chart here and Canon compatibility chart here. When your ready B&H Photo will have the adapter on sale for the rest of the day here.

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Laowa 15mm f/2 FE Zero-D Interview Summary

The Laowa 15mm f/2 FE Zero-D has been very well received by photographers everywhere for its exceptional image quality and low distortion. Phillipreeve has an interesting and lengthy interview with one of the engineers behind this great lens and I have summarized it below.

  • Mr. Li wanted to create lenses that photographers would enjoy more than the standard offerings
  • The Zero-D formulation is Sony specific and wouldn’t be as sharp on another sensor.
  • He balanced weight and size when designing the lens.
  • The ability to use screw on filters was also important.
  • He is trying to fill the gaps that exist before they are all filled.
  • Once several options exist the driving down of prices makes it hard to innovate.
  • Their near-zero distortion design and lens size is truly unique at this time.
  • Onion rings are caused by rough spots on aspherical elements and Laowa has dealt with this issue.
  • A lot of the technical testing for lenses is flawed and it’s especially the case with wide-angle tests.
  • They could have solved for the slight coma and astigmatism, but then the lens would be much larger and more expensive.
  • Phase Fresnel is really only useful in telephoto lenses at this time because it can create stray light that reduces contrast and transmission.
  • Mr. Li wants to make a lot of lenses, but he needs his team to grow and mature some before they are ready.
  • LAOWA means old Frog in Chinese and it’s a metaphor for a story about a Frog in a well and how it limits his knowledge. It’s an interesting story worth checking out in the interview.
  • And yes Mr. Li shoots with what he creates

Laowa 15mm f/2 FE Zero-D: Venus Optic / B&H PhotoAmazon / Adorama

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Sony CES 2018 Starts Monday at 5:00PM PST 8:00PM EST

Just a reminder Sony is live streaming from CES Monday at 5:00PM PST or 8:00PM EST this year and there may be some exciting announcements. While CES tends to not be a camera-centric event Sony has been trying to keep up with other camera companies lately, which is why the Sony a7RIII was released when it was, to combat the D850. Now the Fujifilm X-H1 is coming in February and Sony might try to preempt it’s announcement in some way with a camera like the a7SIII if we are lucky.

Sony also updated their Sony event apps for iOS and Android if you are mobile when the event starts, but the web is the place to be as the announcements are made and we will be live blogging and carrying the stream. Sony might surprise us at CES this year.

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Sony CES 2018
Sony CES 2018 live stream event

via Sony

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