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First Zeiss ZX1 Hands-On Released

The Zeiss ZX1 is an exciting innovative camera and a lot of photographers are looking forward to getting their hands on it, but Zeiss hasn’t released much about it since its announcement. Sabrina Weniger is a professional photographer based in Düsseldorf and Berlin that has been given early access to the ZX1 as a tester. The first hands-on video […]

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Zeiss ZX1 Interview and More

The Zeiss ZX1’s all in one approach is quite unique and there are still a lot of questions about how Lightroom CC will work on this camera, but it will likely require an Adobe CC subscription to maximize its usefulness. While I like a lot of what they are doing with this camera the inclusion […]

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Zeiss ZX1 Listed at B&H Photo

B&H Photo listed the Zeiss ZX1 on their site. Hopefully we will have a price soon.

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Hugh Brownstone: Zeiss ZX1

Hugh Brownstone makes an interesting point in his latest video about the Zeiss ZX1 and I have to agree with him. Zeiss is the only company to release a professional camera tailored to suit the needs of the next generation of photographers. He manages to get a few more small details out of the Zeiss […]

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Zeiss ZX1 Interface First Look

The Sony Zeiss ZX1 is the most exciting camera coming out of Sony engineering this year and DC.Watch gives us our first look at its interface from the Zeiss press conference. The inclusion of Adobe Photoshop CC on camera is a first and it pairs with Adobe Creative Cloud to streamline your workflow. While I […]

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Cinema5D: Zeiss ZX1 – Shoot – Edit – Share

The Zeiss ZX1 is basically a very high-end smartphone that does it all and Cinema 5D has a very interesting interview with Zeiss. There are excerpts below: Watched photographers to figure out what was important Established a full workflow Shoot – Edit – Share Fixed 35mm f/2 lens The less you have the more beautiful the product The […]

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