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Zeiss ZX1 vs Sony RX1RII vs Leica Q vs Fujifilm X100F and apotelyt added the new Zeiss ZX1 to their comparison tool and it’s a very large camera. Apotelyt has Front/Top/Back view, while camera size only has front and back. I think is a little more accurate with their sizing, but since both have their comparison tools ready I decided to post both together. Sony RX1II:  B&H […]

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Potential Sony RX1R III Rumor

A Few days ago Sony dropped the price of the Sony RX1R II while no one, but SonyAddict was looking. Today Photorumors got a tip that Sony might be updating the camera and that the WW620081 will be the replacement. I wonder what kind of update Sony has planned, because the RX1 is an amazing camera […]

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Sony RX1R Mark II Discounted

The Sony RX1R Mark 2 is currently discounted at B&H Photo, Amazon and Adorama. It’s unlikely that the camera is being replaced soon, but it was an unannounced discount.

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Watch a Sony A7R II Mirrorless Camera Get Built

Sony’s factory in Thailand builds 1,600 Sony a7RII per day according to shutterbug. It’s always interesting to see behind the scenes of how a camera is assembled. If you want more details see shutterbug’s full article here. Sony a7rII B&H Photo / Amazon / Adorama

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Sony RX1R II Review by SonyAlphaLab

If you have ever wondered about the Sony RX1R II Sony Alpha Lab’s has put together an incredibly thorough review for you. I owned the previous generation Sony RX1 and the IQ was amazing, but the AF was lacking, but the new RX1R II has corrected many of the originals short comings, while maintaining the amazing […]

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Sony Quietly Increases US Prices For The Sony RX1R II

B&H Photo, Amazon, and Adorama, all increased the price of the Sony RX1R II today $600 without any kind of formal announcement from Sony. Are they trying further monetize the camera considering how well the Leica Q sells at its price point or could this be the product of Britex? Let’s hope Sony provides some clarity on this […]

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