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DPRTV: Sony RX100VII Review

DPRTV reviewed they Sony RX100VII and they still feel it is relevant today compared to smart phones. Below you can read a summary of the video above: Wishes it had a built in ND multiple times New 1″ sensor with upgrade DRAM and it is much faster than older ones Instantly fast FPS shooting No […]

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First Lok Sony a7RIV, RX100VII and the ECM-B1M Shotgun Mic

Lok goes over the new Sony a7RIV and Shotgun mic accessory along with the RX100VII. So far Lok is the first to point out that Sony’s new mic isn’t really a shotgun mic, but is instead a 3 in one mic that will be very useful for some. Also, Lok has the a7SIII on his […]

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Sony RX100VIII/RX100VII Lensmate Quick Change Filter Adapter Kit

Many are using the latest Sony RX100 cameras for vlogging and photography, but to get the correct frame rate for filming you will need an ND filter during most days. That’s where the Lensmate Quick Change Filter Adapter Kit comes in. DC.Watch confirmed that the Lensmate Quick Change Filter Adapter Kit for RX100VI will fit […]

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Sony RX100VII Round-Up

Sony RX100VIII: B&H Photo / Amazon / Adorama It looks like Sony’s latest point and shoot the RX100VII has been well received. It’s kind of interesting that they are pitching it at a mini a9 with the Sony a9II coming soon hopefully. Sony has certainly made some surprising decisions in recent months, which makes me even more curious about what […]

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Sony RX100VII Announced

  Sony RX100VIII: B&H Photo / Amazon / Adorama Reviews/Hands-on/Previews DPReview – Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 VII Review in Progress ePhotozine – Sony Cyber-shot RX100 VII (RX100M7) Review CameraLabs -Sony RX100 VII review Photographyblog – SONY CYBER-SHOT RX100 VII Hands On ParkCameras – Sony RX100 VII Review Samples DPReview Official Release Videos Sony Promo […]

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Sony RX100VII What We Know So Far

Nokishita is once again first to break real news about the Sony RX100VII, which has been used as clickbait on other sites for a while now. We should see the new RX100 soon, but honestly, any Sony RX100 camera is a good one if you’re in the market. I still use my original RX100 when […]

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