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Sony RX0 vs GoPro Hero 6 Continued

If you compare the Sony RX0 and GoPro Hero 6 at most tasks the GoPro Hero 6 is going to win if the environment is well lit, but once the light is reduced the Sony RX0 clearly pulls ahead. Even though the Sony FDR X3000 is designed to be the GoPro’s natural competitor the RX0’s form […]

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Sony RX0: GoPro Killer or Something Else?

Sony is known for making some amazing nitch cameras, but Sony already has an action camera the Sony FDR X3000, so what does the Sony RX0 compare too? The above video by Photo Gear News tries to make a distinction about where the Sony RX0 fits in the market and skews towards the professional, but […]

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Capture One 10.2.1 Adds RAW Support For Sony a7RIII, RX10 IV, and RX0

Capture One is moving quickly to add support for the latest and greatest Sony cameras since the latest Adobe debacle, which should be attractive to Sony shooters. You can download the latest copy here. New Cameras Sony a7RIII RX10 IV RX0 New Lens Profiles Sony FE 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 GM OSS (SEL100400GM) Download Here

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Sony RX10 Mark 4 And RX0 Now Shipping

Acephoto will receive their shipments of both the Sony RX10 Mark 4 and Sony RX0 Monday so other retailers should receive their stock on time too. Both of these cameras appear to be class-leading in every way and it is unclear if there will be any shortages yet, so if you are interested in picking one up […]

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Sony RX0 vs GoPro5

This is the first time we are getting a look at how the Sony RX0 compares to the GoPro 5 and it absolutely embarrasses the GoPro in low light. With the GoPro 6 having little to offer over the GoPro 5 the RX0 should be a great option for professionals and cinematographers looking to capture […]

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Sony RX0 Announced

Sony announced the Sony RX0 today at their IFA press conference. It will be available Sept 5th at 12 am EST from B&H Photo. You can read more about the Sony RX0 at Sony. “Internal recording options include 24/25/30/50 and 60 fps at 1080p, all at 50 Mb/s in the XAVC codec, as well as […]

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