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Luminous Landscape Sony Interview

Where Sony’s been and where it’s going at the Sony Kando Trip 2.0 by Luminous Landscape: Sony made a commitment 5 years ago to become number one Mirrorless lenses have to be designed very differently from DSLR lenses The resolution and speed of AF technology in mirrorless is far more advanced than DSLR lenses Sony and Fujifilm are […]

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Cinima5D: Sigma Factory Tour With Kazuto Yamaki-san

Sigma is moving into Sony E-Mount in a big way and Cinima5D got a unique look inside their factory with Sigma’s CEO Kazuto Yamaki. It’s interesting to note that they still use a lot of older equipment because it’s more efficient and helps train new employees because it’s far too easy to get wrapped up […]

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DPR Sony Interview: CP+ 2018: 400mm, Sony a9, a7, Firmware Updates, and More

DPReview released their interview with Kenji Tanaka from Sony today and you can find a summary below of the key points. Sony isn’t strictly defining the a7III, but says consumers and professionals can use it even though it’s their basic camera The Sony 400mm is a big deal going into 2018 Sports photographers are a […]

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DC.Watch Sony G Master Interview (Part 2)

DC.Watch had the opportunity to speak with Sony about their G series of lenses and below you can find some excerpts from part two of the interview. You can find part one here. Since the interview is translated I will do my best to clear up the language. Customers the shoot portraits often assign Eye AF to […]

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Imaging Resource: One More Lengthy Sony Interview Recap

Sony continues their lengthy interview tour with Image Resource. You can find the key points below or read the full interview here. Three executives from Sony took part in this interview Hiroyuki Matsushita, Yasuyuki Nagata and Hirokuni Miyai. Sony isn’t willing to say how long they have been working on the Sony a9. All Sony will reveal […]

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Behind The Scenes: Building the Sony a9

As I said earlier today Sony is giving a lot of interviews and here is a look behind the scenes with amateurphotographer about the Sony a9. Below you will find key points from this lengthy interview. “Sony is a relatively recent player in the interchangeable-lens camera market. It began by acquiring Konica Minolta in 2006, with its […]

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