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Sony a9II vs Sony a9 Buffer Testing

Tag The Shooter posted the first a9 vs a9II comparison I have seen showing off the new and improved Sony a9II buffer. His testing is a bit rough and he gets a bit lost with his words so the data below is the most valuable thing from the video since I wrote it while watching. […]

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Gariz Leather Cases For Sony’s New a9II, a7RIV, and a6600

If you’re looking for an affordable leather case to protect your new Sony camera Gariz has some good quality affordable cases for the New a9II, a7RIV, and a6600. Gariz XS-CHA7RM4 (a7RIV): Amazon Gariz XS-CHA9IIBK (a9II): Amazon Gariz XS-CHA6600 (a6600): Amazon Sony a7RIV: B&H Photo / Amazon / Adorama Sony a9II: B&H Photo / Amazon / Adorama Sony a6600: B&H Photo / Amazon / Adorama Follow SonyAddict on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube

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Sony a9II Technical Analysis: Star Eater Now Starts at 20 Seconds and Other Processing Decision Exposed

Jim Kasson’s blog the last word has always been a great goto spot for technical analysis of a camera and he is a few posts into his testing so I figured it’s time to start sharing his findings. The first major one is star eater is almost nonexistent on the new Sony a9II with it […]

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Patrick Murphy-Racey’s Lengthy Sony a9II Review

Patrick probably has the most Sony a9II experience out there shooting multiple events across over 2,000 miles. The video is very long and focuses on 18 reasons why you should buy an a9II along with 6 pain points. If you don’t have an hr to setaside and watch below are excerpts from his video: 18 […]

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Sony a9II: The Best Camera For Sports and Photo Journalism

The Sony a9II is the king of spray and pray photography allowing photographers to easily capture thousands of images in RAW during a single day of shooting. Shooting any a9 camera is a unique experience and I really enjoyed my time with one, but you have to be able to manage thousands of images efficiently […]

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Sony a9II Introduction Videos

Some are disappointed with the Sony a9II announcement because there was a lot of hype on some sites, but the a9II shows that Sony was really pushing the limits of mirrorless cameras with the original Sony a9. The Sony a9II is a pretty good incremental upgrade, but a discounted Sony a9 might be a better […]

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