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Sony a9: For Sports

The Sony a9 is maturing nicely with 3rd parties and Sony stepping up to ensure action photographers are covered. The Sony FE 100-400mm F4.5–5.6 GM OSS is the gold standard for photographers looking for tracking speed but adapted Sigma and Canon glass both perform very well today. Sigma has a slight advantage because the Sony a9 sees the lens […]

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Photons to Photos Nikon D850 vs Sony a7R2, a99M2, a9 and Canon 5DSR

The Nikon D850 managed to move more towards the top of the pack since Photons to Photos finalized their numbers, but the Sony a7R2/Sony a99M2 still best the Nikon slightly. You probably won’t notice the difference between the dynamic range of the images these cameras produce, but the Sony chip is pretty old now and […]

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Making a Movie With The Sony a9

Amar Ramesh and his team from India created the above movie using the Sony a9 shooting at 20fps. In the past movies were filmed at 16fps, so 20fps isn’t far off from today’s modern 24fps standard. They started off with 12,000 photos and then paired it down to 2,500 for the above video which was created […]

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Photons to Photos Nikon D850 vs Sony a7R2, a9 and Canon 5DSR

Photons to Photos projected the dynamic range of the Nikon D850 and while impressive they expect the Sony a7R2 to match and exceed it, while the Sony a9 will exceed it past 800 ISO. It seems Nikon’s BSI technology isn’t as good as Sony’s, but at least it is very much on par with the Canon’s […]

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JBCameraDesign Has a Traditional Walnut Case For SONY A9 Bodies Coming

JB Camera Design has a traditional walnut case coming for the Sony a9. It will weigh 46g and be about 14 × 135 × 70 mm. JB Camera Design is known for their fine wood grips and their products can be found on Amazon. via

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Sony a9 Under Water Camera Review

Jim Decker captured some incredible photos of great white sharks with his Sony a9 and Nauticam NA-A9 Housing. Surprisingly the AF system performs as well underwater as it does above, but you can’t sync strobes with the camera above 5fps so high ISO performance is important if you want to use 20fps. It’ also good to see that […]

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