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Dan and Sally Watson: Sony a7RIII vs Nikon D850 vs Canon 5D Mark IV

Kind of an interesting comparison by Dan and Sally, because Dan likes the D850 for the photos they were shooting, but Sally picks the Sony a7RIII as having the best skin tones. The cameras are very back and forth, with the Canon being the most behind the times and the Nikon having the worst live […]

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The Love/Hate Relationship With Sony Cameras From a Videographer’s Perspective

Max Yuryev does a lot of great videos about videography so these videos are really more from a video perspective, but he throws a bone to photographers in his “camera issues” video. I made a list of the main points, but if you want to get into his reasoning watch the videos, you might even […]

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TCSTV Live: Belated Sony a9 Review

TCSTV had some trouble producing their Sony a9 review and they decided to cram a little mini-collaborative review into their video instead of doing a full blow one. Similarly, I did some mini-reviews of the Sony a9 a while ago, because diving deep into features and the reported “problems” with the camera was more relevant. The Sony a9 […]

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Sony Unveils Manufacturing Process of DRAM-Embedded Image Sensor

Nikkeibp wrote an article about the DRAM that Sony embedded in their sensor to make cameras like the Sony a9 possible and advancements necessary to make it happen are interesting. I was going to take the time to make bullet points of it, but Image-sensors-world beat me to it with a very concise list of the […]

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From Nikon to Canon to Sony: 50 Years of Photojournalism Leading to Sony

David Burnett started his career in photography using Nikon cameras, before selling all of his gear for Canon. Now 40 years later he is dumping Canon for Sony. It sounds like the Sony a9 was a major influence on his decision to dump Canon and even he thinks that he will have plenty of extra frames […]

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Lengthy Sony a9 Presentation and Review

The Sony a9 was a game changer when it was announced and still is a game changer today. Neither Canon or Nikon have released a camera capable of taking on this irresponsibly fast camera that sells at a pretty significant discount compared to its competitors. Even better today if you actually need the speed of […]

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