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New Meike MK-X1EM Metal Bracket Handgrip Coming Soon

Meike has a new handgrip coming for the Sony a9, a7RIII, a7III, a7RII, a7II, and a7SII. It should be available on Amazon soon. via ePhotozine

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Sony a7III: Sony a7III vs Sony a7SII, Reviews, Helicopter Rides, and More

Max Yuryev compared the Sony a7III and a7SII for the first time and the Sony a7III shockingly holds it’s own. Actually, the Sony a7III is much better than the Sony a7SII under most conditions, but if you’re shooting in a cave or by candlelight the Sony a7SII might have an edge. The Sony a7SIII will certainly […]

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Sony a7III’s New Sensor Explored

Photons to Photos is the gold standard for independent sensor testing and while we usually end up getting a look at their dynamic range results first this time they decided to publish read noise vs ISO results first, which you can manipulate here. When comping the Sony a7III to the Sony a7II, Sony a7RIII, and Sony a9 we […]

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The Love/Hate Relationship With Sony Cameras From a Videographer’s Perspective

Max Yuryev does a lot of great videos about videography so these videos are really more from a video perspective, but he throws a bone to photographers in his “camera issues” video. I made a list of the main points, but if you want to get into his reasoning watch the videos, you might even […]

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Under An Arctic Sky Filmed On Sony a7SII

Chris Burkard and crew compiled a pretty amazing video called Under An Arctic Sky, which is available on iTunes using the Sony a7SII. The film, which is about finding the perfect surf is Island includes a lot of beautiful footage, which could only be captured with the low light abilities of the Sony a7SII. Amazingly the 5 a7SII that […]

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Does Sensor Size Matter? Sony a7RII vs a6500 and Sony a7S vs Panasonic GH4

Lots of photographers and cinematographers are thinking about sensor size today with so many affordable full frame options and high priced crop sensor cameras available. Manny Ortiz made a pretty good a7rII vs a6500 real-world comparison video, while biscuitsalive compared the Sony a7S and Panasonic GH4. Sensor size largely comes down to preference today even when shooting high […]

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