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Lightroom Classic Now Supports Sony Pixel Shift Files (ARQ)

In Adobe’s last update they added support for Sony proprietary pixel shift file format (ARQ) to Lightroom without announcing support. Hopefully, this is a sign that they plan to more broadly support the format/technique because you still must merge 4 ARW pixel shift files with a program like Sony Imaging Edge to create an ARQ file that […]

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The First Generic Sony NP-FZ100 Are Now Available From Wasabi

Wasabi Sony NP-FZ100 batteries are now available on Amazon. Tese batteries work with the Sony a7III, a7RIII, and a9. Rechargeable lithium-ion battery for Sony NP-FZ100 works with the Sony Alpha A7 III, A7R III, A9 Premium Grade A cells for longer battery lifespan (number of recharge cycles) with no memory effect Rated at 7.2V with 2280mAh […]

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Photons to Photos: Sony a7III Final Results and They Are Somewhat Shocking

I am not a big fan of some of the other sponsored sites out there because many of them get big money to promote cameras and even though I run sites with addict in the title I do not play with the numbers to make companies happy and I give my honest opinion on cameras. […]

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Iridient Developer 3.2.2: Sony a7III/RX0 Support, Better Pixel Shift, and Faster ARW

Iridient Developer 3.2.2 now supports the Sony a7III and RX0 Sony pixel shift support is also improved and there is faster ARW processing now too. New Features: Support added for RAW images from the Canon Rebel T7 (2000D/Kiss X90) and 4000D (Rebel T100/3000D). Support added for RAW images from the Sony ILCE-7M3 (A7 III) and DSC-RX0 […]

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Sony a7III: Sony a7III vs Sony a7SII, Reviews, Helicopter Rides, and More

Max Yuryev compared the Sony a7III and a7SII for the first time and the Sony a7III shockingly holds it’s own. Actually, the Sony a7III is much better than the Sony a7SII under most conditions, but if you’re shooting in a cave or by candlelight the Sony a7SII might have an edge. The Sony a7SIII will certainly […]

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Sony a7III’s New Sensor Explored

Photons to Photos is the gold standard for independent sensor testing and while we usually end up getting a look at their dynamic range results first this time they decided to publish read noise vs ISO results first, which you can manipulate here. When comping the Sony a7III to the Sony a7II, Sony a7RIII, and Sony a9 we […]

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