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Sony Did Very Well With DPReview’s 2016 Awards

Sony did very well in DPReview’s year end awards. Best Consumer/Stills Video Camera of The Year: Sony Cyber-Shot RX10 III (Amazon/B&H Photo/Adorama) Best Compact Camera: Runner-up Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100 V (Amazon/B&H Photo/Adorama) Best Mid-Range ILC: Runner-up Sony a6300 (Amazon/B&H Photo/Adorama) DPReview Innovation Award: Runner-up Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100 V (Amazon/B&H Photo/Adorama)

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Open Sony a6500 ARW Files Now

If you just can’t wait for official RAW support for your Sony a6500 there is a way to change the EXIF data of your files so that RAW converters think they are opening Sony a6300. Tom Goetz put together a scrip to help you do it quickly with ExifTool that you can download and get directions of how to […]

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Gary Fong Bounce Panel Set for Sony a6000, a6300, and a6500

The Gary Fong Bounce Panel is a very interesting bounce flash add-on for the Sony A6xxx series of cameras. Compact and versatile, the unique hot-shoe mounted diffuser elevates and disperses the pop-up flash in a unique and powerful way. As a bounce panel, the compact pop-up flash becomes exponentially larger, resulting in softer light on […]

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Philip Bloom Video Auto-Focus Mega Test Part 1

Philip Bloom started a pretty big video auto focus shoot out between 10 cameras. In Part one Bloom starts off with some pretty typical tests, before trying an impossible test and giving up. The Sony’s all do very well, but so do the dual pixel focus Canon’s. In this video Philip Bloom tests the Sony a7RII […]

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Sony Setup for DSLR Users: 5 Custom Settings

Sony alpha universe published an article recommending 5 customizations to make DSLR users feel more at home when moving to Sony. I have never been a big fan of DSLR’s so I am not sure how much they will help switchers, but I know that all of the mirrorless companies are making more of an effort […]

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TheCameraStoreTV: JPEG Shootout Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, iPhone, Pentax, Olympus, Panasonic

Surprising results from the Camera Store TV JPEG shoot out between Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, iPhone, Pentax, Olympus, and Panasonic. Let the debate begin.

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