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Gary Fong Bounce Panel Set for Sony a6000, a6300, and a6500

The Gary Fong Bounce Panel is a very interesting bounce flash add-on for the Sony A6xxx series of cameras. Compact and versatile, the unique hot-shoe mounted diffuser elevates and disperses the pop-up flash in a unique and powerful way. As a bounce panel, the compact pop-up flash becomes exponentially larger, resulting in softer light on […]

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New Sony a6000 Color Graphite Gray

image courtesy of digicame-info Sony will release a new color of the mirror-less camera “α6000” of the APS-C sensor mounted on December 2. It is added, one color “graphite gray”. The sale of body only. Estimated retail price is 60,000 yen. Previously, black, silver, three colors of white had been line up. Graphite gray as […]

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Sony Setup for DSLR Users: 5 Custom Settings

Sony alpha universe published an article recommending 5 customizations to make DSLR users feel more at home when moving to Sony. I have never been a big fan of DSLR’s so I am not sure how much they will help switchers, but I know that all of the mirrorless companies are making more of an effort […]

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Affinity Photo for Windows is Now Available!

The Affinity Photo for Windows beta is now available. You can get a copy here. There is a list of supported cameras below and here are some tutorial videos to get you started.

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Techart Pro Review and Compatibility List

If you follow Sony Addict on Twitter you know I was recently in NYC testing the Techart Pro adapter at B&H Photo with our contact Abe. I have been shooting pretty much exclusively with this adapter on my Sony A7M2 since receiving it, and firmware 3 fixed the vast majority of crashes I experienced during my […]

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Sony Gets Serious About Wireless High Speed Sync

Sony created a page along with the announcement of the FA-WRC1M commander and FA-WRR1 receiver, explaining the advantages of high speed sync. It includes a lot of details and the above lengthy video for beginners explaining high speed sync. I have always enjoyed high speed sync, but I am of the opinion that leaf shutter high speed sync creates superior […]

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