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Sony to Build New CIS Fab After 12 Years Hiatus

Sony will invest 100 billion yen ($918 Million USD) to build a new image sensor fab next year that should come online by April 2021. Sony’s last production expansion was in 2016 when they bought the Toshiba CIS plant in Oita Prefecture. It has been 12 years since Sony last built a sensor fabrication plant from […]

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Sony Teases New Next Generation IMX686 Quad-Bayer Smartphone Sensor

Sony China is teasing its next-generation IMX686 sensor on their weibo page in a video, which is the next generation IMX586. The Quad-Bayer sensor is rumored to be between 60-64MP. They also included some sample photos from the new sensor via a prototype board connected to a computer. via gsmarena

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Sony Creative Space NYC Schedule and Special Evening Events

The Sony Creative Space NYC is a three-day-long celebration of still and moving imagery and creativity that is free and open to the public. Sony Creative Space NYC offers attendees a wide range of shooting opportunities (including multiple sets and models), workshops, photo walks, and more. Attendees can also borrow cameras and lenses from the […]

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IEDM 2019: Sony Presents 48MP All-pixel PDAF, 3-layer Organic, and InGaAs SWIR Sensors, Samsung finFETs for >100MP CIS, Omnivision Voltage Domain GS

Image Sensor World grabbed some details from IEDM 2019 that was accidentally put online earlier but is now removed. Below are the details from the now-removed pos which will be reposted in mid-October:

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Sony Creative Space NYC Update

Last week we announced Creative Space NYC, our newest pop-up experience, taking place between October 24 and 26, at SIR Stage37 in NYC. Today, we’re happy to reveal some additional exciting details about this experience. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23RD – EDU DAY & ABEL-CINE FILM NIGHT We’re kicking off the Creative Space NYC experience with a pre-show day, focused […]

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Sony LSI Design EVP: AI integration, Recurring Revenue Business Model, Org Chart, Market Segmentation And Trends

Sony LSI Design EVP Hideki Yoshida’s presentation at RISC-V Day Tokyo 2019 on Sept. 30 is titled “Future of Image Sensing with RISC-V.” The presentation lays out Sony’s plans for AI integration on image sensors and also says that Sony is going to pursue “a recurring revenue business model.” The presentation also includes an updated Sony Semiconductor […]

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