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Sony FY2018 Consolidated Financial Results

• Next is the Imaging Products & Solutions segment. • FY18 sales increased 2% year-on-year to 670.5 billion yen, primarily due to an increase in sales of high value-added products including mirrorless single-lens cameras and interchangeable lenses. • Operating income increased 9.1 billion yen year-on-year to 84.0 billion yen. • This increase was primarily due […]

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Sony FY2018 Q3 Financial Report Released

• Next is the Semiconductors segment. • FY18 Q3 sales decreased 8% year-on-year to 230.3 billion yen, primarily due to a decrease in unit sales of image sensors for mobile devices. • Operating income decreased 14.0 billion yen year-on-year to 46.5 billion yen. • This was primarily due to the impact of the decrease in […]

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Sony FY2018 Q2 Financial Report Released: Sony’s Sensor Business is Booming

Many camera companies are using Sony sensors today and it’s in part because there are not a lot of options. Not long ago there were rumors of Samsung returning to the market and the Fujifilm X-T3 having a Samsung sensor inside, but it was recently discovered that even the X-T3 is using a Sony sensor […]

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Sony FY2017 Earnings Announcement

Results for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2018 Sales increased 76.3 billion yen (13%) year-on-year (a 9% increase on a constant currency basis) to 655.9 billion yen. This significant increase was mainly due to the absence of the impact from the Kumamoto Earthquakes in the previous fiscal year, the impact of foreign exchange rates […]

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Sony Q3 FY2017 Report: Confirms Sony Image Sensor Business Slowdown

Sony released their 2017 Q3 results today and they verify what we reported a few days ago, the Sony image sensor business will experiance a due to iPhone. The annalist was spot on, but it wasn’t a difficult prediction to make with all of the reports about iPhone X sales slowing. The overall forecast for the imaging […]

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Analyst Predicts Sony Image Sensor Business Slowdown Due To iPhone

Image Sensors World is reporting a potential slow down at Sony due to lower than expected iPhone sales, based on a Bloomberg report, but is it accurate? Even if iPhone demand slows demand for other phones will likely pick up the slack with Sony sensors in them. Plus Sony will continue selling their sensors to new […]

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