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Lensrentals: Sony Is Now A More Popular Rental Brand Than Nikon Increasing 22%, While Canon And Nikon Decreased 8% And 10%

Lensrentals gave FStoppers some insight into their 2017 rental request and the results are quite surprising. Canon is still the number one system by far, followed by… Sony, which has surpassed Nikon. Specifically: “Sony is now a more popular rental brand than Nikon.” “Canon lenses were far and away the most popular, taking up 9 of […]

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Sony Medium Format News

image courtesy of image sensor world Photolari published an interesting interview with Sony today that includes a few details about the potential future production of a Sony medium format camera. Sony claims if they decided to launch a medium format camera they could do it, but that now is not the right time. The launch […]

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DPReview: Inside Sony Kumamoto Summary

Image courtesy of DPReview A few organizations were invited to Sony’s Kumamoto factory for a tour and interview after it was back up and running and Image Resource was the first to publish their articles, which you can read here and here. Now DPReview has published their account and while similar it is worth covering for […]

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IR: Inside Sony Kumamoto Summary

Image courtesy of image-resource Imaging-resource went inside Sony Kumamoto after the earthquake and received unprecedented access. Previously IR released footage of the quake and cleanup effort, which you can view here, but today they released one of many follow-up stories to come. Below are the key points. Photos from the article were hand picked by Sony “There’s a […]

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Sony Interview: Solidly #2 Worldwide and APS-C Forever

Image-Resource, DPReview, Digital PhotoPro and SLR Lounge had a sit down with a Sony panel about their camera division and IR was so excited about the interview they dropped a clip from it for us to analyze. In order: The bloggers said there was a perception Sony was focused on full frame cameras and Sony executives responded“APS-C […]

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The Real Impact of The Sony Kumamoto Factory Earthquake

Natural disasters are a part of life, but the Kumamoto Earthquake practically brought the entire camera production industry to a halt, with several camera launches being delayed and many other cameras being unobtainable since roughly 70% of all sensors are manufactured in the Sony Kumamoto Factory. Being located less than 20 kilometers from the epicenter of the quake […]

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