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Fixing Sony’s Menus…

Very few will try to defend Sony’s menus and Maarten Heilbron’s video about how to fix them has gone a viral, but beyond his desire to consolidate parts of the menu I don’t agree with his suggestions. Sony’s current left/right navigation allows you to navigate tabs very quickly beyond the pages within them. If Sony were to […]

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Sony CES 2018 Starts Monday at 5:00PM PST 8:00PM EST

Just a reminder Sony is live streaming from CES Monday at 5:00PM PST or 8:00PM EST this year and there may be some exciting announcements. While CES tends to not be a camera-centric event Sony has been trying to keep up with other camera companies lately, which is why the Sony a7RIII was released when […]

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Sony Photo Plus LiveStream Continues Today

Sony is live streaming at Photo Plus this year, which is great for those of us that cant makes the trip. Be sure to check the Day 3 Sony a7RIII Coverage post today for updates throughout the day and I will update this post with anything interesting I hear while the stream is going. Also, join our Sony […]

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Lensrentals: Sony Is Now A More Popular Rental Brand Than Nikon Increasing 22%, While Canon And Nikon Decreased 8% And 10%

Lensrentals gave FStoppers some insight into their 2017 rental request and the results are quite surprising. Canon is still the number one system by far, followed by… Sony, which has surpassed Nikon. Specifically: “Sony is now a more popular rental brand than Nikon.” “Canon lenses were far and away the most popular, taking up 9 of […]

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Sony Medium Format News

image courtesy of image sensor world Photolari published an interesting interview with Sony today that includes a few details about the potential future production of a Sony medium format camera. Sony claims if they decided to launch a medium format camera they could do it, but that now is not the right time. The launch […]

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DPReview: Inside Sony Kumamoto Summary

Image courtesy of DPReview A few organizations were invited to Sony’s Kumamoto factory for a tour and interview after it was back up and running and Image Resource was the first to publish their articles, which you can read here and here. Now DPReview has published their account and while similar it is worth covering for […]

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