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New Fotodiox PRONTO Leica M AF Adapter in Stock at Amazon

Fotodiox now has a Leica M AF adapter that is very much like the Techart Pro, which I reviewed here. These are great adapters and M lenses are significantly more compact than FE lenses while being as sharp or sharper. You can get a Fotodiox PRONTO AF adapter of your own at Amazon now. Features: Add […]

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JBCameraDesign Has a Traditional Walnut Case For SONY A9 Bodies Coming

JB Camera Design has a traditional walnut case coming for the Sony a9. It will weigh 46g and be about 14 × 135 × 70 mm. JB Camera Design is known for their fine wood grips and their products can be found on Amazon. via

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Gariz Sony a9 Half Case

Gariz released a half case for the Sony a9 that allows you to have complete access to all of the camera’s features while providing a good amount of protection. The XS-CHA9 comes in three different colors, Black, Brown, and Orange. They are currently on sale on Gariz’s site and should be available via Amazon soon.

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LEE Solar Filter Controversy: UPDATED

Earlier today Petapixel published an article about how Amazon is refunding LEE Solar filters because they were unable to ensure that the filter was safe for use, so I reached out to B&H Photo for clarification. While B&H Photo stands by the safety of the filter I continued to push for further clarification about why this might have happened, […]

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NiSi 150mm Filter Holder For Sony FE 12-24mm f/4 G

NiSi makes a very high-quality filter system that is well engineered. NiSi has a more premium feel than LEE, but their system can take a little more time to become intuitive to assemble. Both are great systems, but NiSi is responding to photographers needs faster than anyone else in filters today. You can order the […]

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Vello Nikon F-Mount to Sony E-Mount AF Lens Adapter Review and Compatibility

Nikon lens compatibility has been getting better on Sony cameras, but the new Vello Version 4 is the first to achieve close to native performance. In the video above many of the lenses score 4/5 for their AF performance, which is about where Metabones/Sigma adapters perform with Canon lenses. The new Vello is certainly a […]

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