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Mathieu Stern’s Ice Lens

This is a very interesting project by Mathieu Stern to make a lens from iceberg ice/glacier, which can be very clear since air pockets and impurities can be forced out of the ice over time. I am curious if a lens made from the center of a large iceberg could make a clearer picture since […]

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Confused About Sony’s RX100 Line up? This Might Help.

Explora did a post about all of the currently available Sony RX100 cameras, which includes the above spreadsheet for reference. You can find even more information in the post here.

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Rokinon 85mm f/1.8 Preorders Start

The Rokinon 85mm f/1.8 Lens for Sony can be preordered at B&H Photo and Adorama.

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Metabones Launches Contax N-Mount Speed Booster ULTRA and Smart Adapter

Metabones Contax N-Mount Speed Booster ULTRA Smart Adapter: B&H Photo / Adorama Metabones Contax N-Mount Smart Adapter: B&H Photo / Adorama Contax Lenses: Amazon Vancouver, Canada, September 10, 2018, Owners of legendary Carl Zeiss optics in Contax N-Mount have long demanded a trusted migration path to mirrorless cameras. With the advent of Metabones® Contax N-Mount to […]

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Sony a7SII: Digital Night Vision vs Analog Night Vision

Digital night vision hasn’t caught up to analog cathode tube yet, but it’s getting very close. T.REX ARMS tested the Sony a7SII with its IR block removed to make it perform better in low light, against the analog Armasight by FLIR PVS14 and the Sony a7SII was actually competitive with the PVS14 when there was a little […]

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DPReview: Sony Photokina 2018 Interview

There have been lots of Photokina interviews to cover and each has its own points of interest. DPReviews interview with Kenji Tanaka, VP and Senior General Manager of Sony’s Business Unit 1, Digital Imaging Group and it’s a good one. Below are some excerpts: ‘I don’t care about competitors, I care about customers’ Sony want’s to satisfy […]

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