What Happens When You Receive Two Cameras, But Are Only Paying For One?

When I picked my camera up my camera from B&H Photo at UPS Monday morning, I was surprised at how it was packed because it was a box inside a box. This never happens so imagine my surprised when I opened this rather large second box to find two cameras inside. Knowing the law for a split second I knew that I could keep what was inside, but I immediately reached out to my contact at B&H Photo during my drive home to find out what happened. Considering others received and unboxed cameras from B&H Photo on Youtube I hoped it was a one-off error so I worked with them to figure out how this happened and they figured out that any 7lb box being shipped must be a double pack, which was where our conversation stopped.

Now I have discovered that I was not the only one to receive two cameras and there were likely more, which you can see here. I am not sure why this person wanted to be on the news for returning something they didn’t pay for (UPDATE: Alex Workman contacted me via twitter and it was because of a Facebook post), but I highly encourage my readers to do the same thing. Depending on the size of this error someone will likely lose their job around the holidays. There are also your fellow photographers out there that are being deprived of stock by this error of unknown size, but I have done some digging and I know its greater than 20 people now, so that is a fairly significant loss on everyone behalf. Roughly $66,000 is not a bad salary and it could be much larger error than that, so if the cameras aren’t returned you can bet jobs will be lost.

I don’t believe in a lot in this world and karma certainly hasn’t worked in my favor, but it still doesn’t change things. People should try to do the right thing. So if you receive a second camera in error contact B&H Photo or if they take the time to reach out to you because you received one just send it back and be happy with the camera you paid for. Happy Holidays and thanks for reading.

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  • animalsbybarry

    B&H should give those who return the extra camera some sort of reward or bonus in order to maintain good customer relations and reward good behavior

    • BBOX

      Absolutely not. You do the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing. You should not do the right thing just to expect something in return.

      • That Other Guy

        You’ve never owned a business before, have you…


        • jason

          You know they are both right. People should return the camera without expectation of reward, and the company should do something as a gesture of thanks.

          • sickheadache

            Yes,,B&H should send all with double cameras a $5.00 gift certificate to Piggly Wiggly.

          • lol.. I am good… Just reporting the news…