Sony a7RIII: Has the Sony a7RIII Become A True Professional Option?

The Sony a7RIII has grown up a lot over the Sony a7RII and the first photographers to receive them are mainly pointing out the differences between the original and new camera. Sony did a good job of listening to the needs of professionals, but I really wonder if some of the things that were addressed could have been fixed via firmware update. Of course, issues like battery life required a hardware revision, but if Sony waits another 3 years to refresh the Sony a7R then they might find themselves quite a bit behind other camera manufactures by then.

The Nikon D850 is very close to the Sony a7RIII and Nikon could refresh the camera quickly or even improve it via a firmware update. Plus Fujifilm, Panasonic, and Olympus are all doing very interesting things with their camera lineups this generation and Canon could always shock us. Hopefully, Sony continues improving this generation of cameras via firmware updates like other brands have. So far Sony seems to be listing to what professional want.

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  • jason

    Better AF, better battery life, and dual memory cards are not something firmware can fix. All things I needed in order to convince me to make the switch.

    • Actually companies like Fujifilm have fixed battery life and AF issues via firmware. Dual memory cards of course can’t be 😉

      • jason

        The Fuji isn’t that much better focus than the A7r ii, but also they aren’t full frame, which though, I fully understand isn’t required, I want for my main pro work.

        • X-T2 is way better AF, but GFX is probably about equal with a7RIII beating GFX for AF… I currently own the GFX and a7RIII and have used the a7RII… The a7RIII has buggy focusing issues sometimes though, which I can’t explain yet.